Monday, December 03, 2007

"Kek Lok Tong" Cave at Gunung Rapat


neobita said...

I've been here.. me and a couple of friends went jogging in a garden in there. The environment is peaceful as it is refreshing and calm.. I must say that the garden is very well taken care of.

Anonymous said...

more importantly the association called "Kek Lok Seah" which runs the management of this place is long established many years ago to offer free traditional medical treatment to anyone of any race and religion for free (that is including the medication).

It is known that they have performed quite some miracles over the years. I myself have seek treatment there and been tremendously inspired and humbled by the efforts of the volunteers there.

They are based in Jalan Temenggong Ipoh and consultation / treatment are available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday weekly from 830 pm onwards. For more info, please contact

neobita said...

thank you anonymous for your info. :)