Friday, December 14, 2007

ISA knocks again....

I am very sad to read that 5 ethnic Indian activists were arrested and send to my hometown ( Kamunting ) for holiday without trials. The 5 activists are are key members of the Hindu Rights Action Force ( Hindraf ). They managed to organized a peaceful street rally that drew more than 20000 people and attracted worldwide attentions to their plights.

Hindraf has alleged racial discrimination in business, job, and education by the government of Malaysia and demanded equality and fair treatment for Indians. The government denied discriminations against ethnic Indians.

The government has said that "majority" of Malaysians approved the use of Internal Security Act ( ISA) against the 5 activists to preserve national peace and security. Am I supposed to feel proud that Malaysia is one of the last few countries in the world that still practice Draconian Law. I do find it very sad to swallow the fact that, "national peace and security" are being used again as the excuse to invoke detention without trial on the 5 activists. I sincerely doubt the 5 activists are capable of intend to threaten our national peace and security. I believed, all they want is, fair ears to hear their alleged claims of racial discriminations.

If we can show so much sympathies to terrorists by asking the world to understand the root causes of terrorism, why are we then, not able to accord the same level of sympathies to these group of people who believed that they had been marginalized and racially discriminated ? Wouldn't it be more appropriate for the government to challenge their allegations in the court ?

In any civil society, we must be able to accept and tolerate differing opinions and expressions. It is not the culture of civil society to arrest and put activists in jails without trials. It breaks my heart to see draconian law being applies on fellow Malaysians simply because some of us believed these 5 activists are a threat to national security.

On my bended knees, I pray. May God bless all of us to have fair eyes for humanity, empathetic ears to listen to grouses, and the wisdom to do the right things.

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." -- Voltaire

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