Thursday, December 13, 2007

I just recovered from bird flu.....

Forgive me if I talk cock, because I still have some residual bird flu virus in my bloods.......

"Saya pantang di cabar..." ( It is taboo to challenge me.....). Wow, what a macho talk. But Malaysians are a forgiving lot. Sai loh koh ng sek yeh, yow hei kong lah.... Every day kong ng sum ng sei. Maybe he just recovered from bird flu and still talking cock language.

"If I have to sign a detention order for ISA (Internal Security Act - detention without trial ), I will do it without feeling guilty......". So the pen he hold is mightier than human morality. Indeed, we are the last few righteous countries in the world that religiously believe that jailing people without proper trial in legally constituted court is morally right.

"If the choice is between public safety and public freedoms, I do not hesitate to say here that public safety will always win...". I don't really know, what is the meaning of safety without freedom ? Well, what can I say, there are always perverts who loved to screwed and be screwed. This is scary. In the name of safety, some idiots seemed to think that it is their God damned rights to deny the freedom of others.

And, the best part is, we seemed to be very proud to tell the whole world that, the "Rights to Peaceful Assemblies" as enshrined in Article 20 of the United Nation's Universal Declaration of Human Rights and others internationally agreed human rights standards are deemed to be "ini bukan budaya kita" ( this is not our culture ). I bet some of us are damn proud with their uncultured forked tongues hypocrisies. What is our budaya anyway ? Cakap tak serupa bikin ?

Big man tough talks ? or was it desperate words from wannabe tyrants wanting to be seen tough ? Is this the morally accepted reality ? Or was it decadent reality illusorily conceived by the some immoral morons ? Well, human rights means different thing to different primates. Some primates seemed to think that they are a class above moron, and demanded their rights to deprive the rights of others. Whatever it is, I had made up my mind in the coming general elections, it is my duty to vote out politically arrogant and morally decadent politicians.

During his days of decadent glory, Fujimori was once a big man with his ill conceived tough talks, but yesterday, he was sentenced to 6 years jail by Peruvian Court. Sadam Hussein thought he is invincible and rule Iraq with arrogant wimps and fancies, but he was executed by his own countrymen at a time when the world was celebrating in Holidays. Remember, good begets good, bad begets bad, and vipakka is the natural outcome for karma to manifest its consequences.

So for all the politicall decadent politicians out there, remember Fujimori, remember Sadam Hussein.

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