Sunday, December 30, 2007

Stand by your man ?

According to China Press, Wanita MCA President Dato Dr Ng Yen Yen, advised married women to put up make-up, sprayed on the perfume, and put on sexy transparent nighties in the bedroom. She implied it get very bored for the the husband to see the wife get into and get out from the bed day in and day out. She advised married women indulge in creating some "fresh" excitements to break the monotony of their daily life.

It sounds like Wanita MCA is pitching the notion that keeping beautiful and sexy is the viable option to maintain a marriage. Maybe Wanita MCA should also venture into setting up boutiques to sell sexy lingeries, beauty saloon, and cosmetic surgery centres.

She also said Wanita MCA is opposed to the government allowing Chinese women to work as domestic helper in Malaysia. She reasoned that, it is not because Wanita MCA has no confident in Malaysian men's loyalty to their spouse, but just a precautionary move to deny men the opportunities to stray.

My dear honourable dato, opined whatever you want. I hope I am not being offensive or insensitive to state my opinion here. Maintaining a marriage is not as easy as some women's narrow minded thoughts of dousing themselves with cosmetic, perfume, and sexy nighties. A married man is not a sexually naive animal attracted by open legged creatures in transparent nighties. Sometimes, he just has a simple needs of wanting a good night sleep, and his woman to be less grumpy, less suspicious, and to have mutual trust.

Regarding the employment of Chinese women as domestic helper in Malaysia, as I said before in my previous post, if you have no faith in your husband, and if your marriage failed, please don't blame others. It is inappropriate to imply derogatory insinuations against Chinese women. I do wonder why Wanita MCA has no problem with women from Indonesia and Myanmar working as domestic helper in Malaysia. Personally, I think it is indecent and immoral to practise discriminations simply because of prejudices.

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