Saturday, December 08, 2007

A tribute to a Malaysian Hero.

"...As they came out past the rocks, they were yelling and screaming, the Malaysians who made it to the rocks leaned over and grabbed the people as they went past. They got down to two people left, a male and a female in the water, and the man was within reach. Instead of grasping the hand stretched out for him, he pushed the woman towards it. She got pulled out of the water but in pushing her within reach, he pushed himself out of reach, he saved her life but it's likely that he lost his own......."

Kerk Zi On, a 25 years old Malaysian Chinese and graduate of Queensland University, was missing and feared drown after he selflessly saves the life of a woman at Honeymoon Bay on Moreton Island off south-east Queensland on Wednesday.

Read Missing student hailed as hero.

Let us all pray for the safety of Zi On and hope the rescue team can be successful in their mission to locate this selfless hero. In their times of anxieties and uncertainties, my thoughts and prayers go out to Zi On's family. Almighty, please provide your most merciful protection to this hero of humanity. To the parents of Zi On, we are humbled by such courage and heroic act, may the Almighty bless you for raising such an honourable and selfless son.


Anonymous said...

May God bless the soul of this courageous young Christian man. He risk his life to save the life of others. A true follower of a great religion. A true patriot of humanity.

I find it very strange why all the local media in Malaysia "blackout" news coverage on this story.

Anonymous said...

u r our hero..... forever!!!!!!!