Saturday, December 01, 2007

Toy story.....

A female teacher from Britain was sentenced to 15 days jail by a Sudanese court for allowing a group of school children named a soft toy, a teddy bear, with the name of a founder of a religion.

According to the news report, the mobs streamed out from the place of worship after their prayers and gathered to demonstrate emotionally and angrily. I found it extremely unbelievable that a bunch of so called religiously inclined men mobbing on the street waving swords and knives. They demanded a school teacher from Britain to be executed because the emotionally charged perpectual grievance seekers claimed that she has insulted their religion. Or perhaps maybe to them, it is religiously righteous to demand a life be destroyed on the slightest filmsy excuse to satisfy their satiation for grievances. What have they been praying in the place of worship ? Love, peace, forgiveness, and gratitude ?

Read HERE for further details.

The mobs chanted "Shame, shame on the UK!" Perhaps they are looking at the mirror and describing the images on the mirror. No offense intended. My honest perception is, these people are merely a group of mindless masses lathering themselves over nothing, and seeking the name of religion to mask their inferiority complex. I just want to read something easy and entertaining news that spread love and peace, but end up being bombarded with farting noises from psychotic people indoctrinated with mental illness.

In the name of religion, pariahs are capable of a lot of nonsenses. Oh dear God, what have you been doing ? Sleeping on your job again ? I am speechless but it does gave me an impression that mob rules in a loony country.

I named my pet dog "Buddha". And I honestly believe my dog has better human values than a lot of people out there pretending to be righteous and religious. To all those grievance seekers out there, one piece of advise, "Peace and love comes from within. Do not seek it without". You honestly think you can fool God with your insincere prayer and faked religiousity ?

Om mani pedme hum, Om namo amithaba Buddha.

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