Saturday, December 22, 2007

The sad plights of migrant workers...

WE’RE LIVING LIKE DOGS ? Sad, but according to the Malay Mails' report, it happened to a group of pitiful migrant workers from Bangladesh ! Not wanting to rub salts on their wounds, but I believed, even the dogs have better living conditions. For further details, please read HERE.

Somethings are just not right when the irresponsible agents charged them RM 15K to bring them to Malaysia without securing the promised jobs and left them stranded without any money. I had yet to come across an irresponsible employment agent being prosecuted in the court of Malaysia ! Even if some of the "lucky" migrant workers managed to get jobs, their employers underpaid them, pay them nothing, and withold their travel documents. According to one migrant worker, “In my contract, it was stated that we would get RM800 a month but we ended up getting only RM400. From that, RM100 was deducted — as work levy....Every time we questioned our boss, we would be beaten.”

I believe this is not the first time migrant workers in Malaysia suffered reported inhumane treatments. It had happened to often. Perhaps, the government of Malaysia should publish, black list, and revoke the special permits granted to these irresponsible employment agents. As it is, it gave the impression that, these employment agents are nothing but a bunch of licensed human traffickers.

Oh Malaysians, since when we had became so immorally decadence ? These migrant workers sacrificed all their money and belongings to travel thousands of miles to come to Malaysia in search of a decent job and better economic conditions for their loved ones back home. But they end-up being cheated and abused by the wealthy agents and unscrupulous employers looking for cheap labours ! Has Malaysia slowly gaining the reputation for being the fertile ground that breeds contempts for human rights abuses ?

I do hope the Malaysian and Bangladeshi government can initiate more concerted efforts to prosecute the irresponsible employment agents and put them to jails. Maybe it would worth the while for our Malaysian embassy in Bangladesh to take out major advertisement campaigns in Bangladeshi media to inform pontential migrant workers that there are no more jobs in Malaysia. Hopefully, with better information disseminations, potential migrant workers from Bangladesh will not be so easily cheated to part away with their hard earned money to come to Malaysia to be abused. The sad fact is, there are ten of thousands of unemployed graduates in Malaysia, what makes these Bangladeshis think that they are better qualified than these local unemployed graduates to compete for the limited job vaccancies in Malaysia ?

For a few dollars more, some Malaysians lookout to the world with narrow mindsets and perverted greeds, but like it or not, the world is now looking at Malaysia with negative perceptions. Are we a nation that has been infested by vultures who are unscrupulous, immoral, heartless, with no sense of guilt, and incapable of remorse, to cheat poor people from under priviledged countries ? We are indeed a shameless country with farked up mentalities and faked righteousness.

To all these people who are responsible for the sad plights of the Bangladeshi, please try to put yourselves in their shoes. Please have some basic decency to treat your fellow human beings with respect and compassion.

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chuentick said...

It is not the first time unscrupulous agents have cheated those poor migrant workers. My heart cries for them on their monetary loss and sufferings inflicted by inhuman Malaysian employers. Yet as the writer pointed out, all and sundry get away with it. Is this the sort of caring Malaysian society our government is so proud of promoting?