Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Rantings in the night...

Men are, at times, pitiful creatures. As a young man, there are many EXPECTations being imposed on him. He has to do well in academics, get a decent job, get a good soul mate, and defend the good name of the family, etc. After he got married and have a family, no matter how responsible and decent he is, if he work too hard and always come back home late, usually his siow-bore will begin to SUSPECT him of having extra marital affairs or sowing wild seeds in all the wrong bushes.

A man had to work so much more harder to make sure his wife and children, his brothers and sisters, and his parents are well taken care of. But his silent sufferings and sacrifices are always unnoticed and never appreciated. When things go wrong, he shouldered the blames and accountabilities. When things go well, he is burdened with more responsibilities. Hardly he is given due recognition and rewarded accordingly by his family members. At the end of the day, he counts himself lucky if he can have some peace of mind to watch his favorite sport programs on the telly.

I had heard of many indirect insinuations by well meaning people to desperate wives, hinting to them that a wife should control the husband's finances and check on his activities. These siow-langs and yeemah-kichiehs like to strike fears into the minds of desperate wives by saying "ping chat mau ng sek yi" ( 哪隻貓不吃魚.translated - a cat can never resist the temptation to eat fish ). I do wondered, how do some husbands of these yeemah-kuchiehs' cope with their wives' constant insecurities and suspicions.

I guess a man will only gained RESPECT after he is dead and six feet under where all these siow-charbores and yeemah-kuchieh come to his altar to offer 2 joss sticks and sing praises in remembrances.

I was once told by a spiritually enlightened man that, usually unmarried men's lives are longer than married man. I was also once told by the same spiritually enlightened man that a married man's life is more fulfilling an rewarding than an unmarried man's. But the funny thing is, he told me that, a married is more willing to die compared to an unmarried man. Well, what a contradiction. Men are indeed oxymoronic siow-kia !

Coming back to longevity, the world oldest man is Ukraine's Hryhoriy Nestor. He is 116 years old. He attributed his long life to the fact that he was never married. Sadly, he died in his sleep recently. May the almighty bless his soul.

Life is a many splendour things ? Whatever it is, we, the gong-cow and gong-too still have faith in our own stupidities...........

Tomorrow will be better. Good NiteZzzzzz !

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