Friday, December 28, 2007

Most Admired Men and Women of 2007

USA TODAY and Gallop Poll conducted a survey on MOST ADMIRED men and women. The survey results are :

Most Admired Men
  1. George Bush (10%)
  2. Bill Clinton (8%)
  3. Al Gore (6%)
  4. Barack Obama (5%)
  5. Billy Graham (3%)
  6. Nelson Mandela (3%)
Reading the shocking news of Former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto, being murdered barbarically by terrorists, I can now understand why USA is taking such a hard position in the world to protect democracy, peace, human rights, and civil order. Well, say whatever we want about President Bush. People from other parts of the world may hate him, but he got to do what he got to do. He is still the most admired and respected man of USA.

Bush is now the Most Admired Men ? Do you know Bush also keep a pet Scottish Terrier as pet dog. Dog is Haram !!! How can an Infidel be the "Most Admired Men" ? How can Gallop Poll be so insensitive to all those grievance and apology seekers' peaceful religion and merciful God ?

I kept a small pet dog, and I was approached by a "few doors away" neighbour to get rid of my dog. Because, he said the sight of my pet dog offended his religion's sensitivity. So, I know what sensitivity is all about for insensitive people.

Well, I guess to live peacefully, It is necessary to understand that we are, in order that we may know that they are not, so that, at last, we may realize that, we are not, and therefore they are.

ANyway, this is an insane world of illogical intolerance of logical. Brother Al Gore, please ask for a RECOUNT !!!!

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