Tuesday, October 24, 2006

10 Realities of Life

An optimist with a pessimistic observations of life's realities. The 10 realities of life as I see it :

  1. Loyalty is Dead. - When an employee or subordinate swear to you that "I am loyal to you and this company", be very worried and be very careful. He or she is probably trying to buy more time to execute or hide his tracks of betrayals. Since time immemorial, humans by nature are greedy and untruthful. The only reason they stayed loyal are because they are being paid well. They will definitely switch camp if others can offer them better money. If you have the unfortunate scenario of a sinking ship, you can bet your last dollar that it is every man by himself. I am not being pessimistic, but defensive. "Trust your instinct and trust no one". The person who is most likely to betray you is your most trusted lieutenant. The person who is most likely to stand by you is the one who criticize you the most.
  2. Money can not buy everything, but it buys Respect. -We are natured and nurtured to adapt to this selfish, self centred, and hedonistic world. Materialism reigns supreme. People respect you for what you have, not your values of moral qualities and integrity. Money buys you power and comforts. With power, you command followers. Without money, you are nothing but a nuisance to the so called righteous people. With money, when you laugh, the whole world laugh with you. Without money, when you laugh, eveeverybody thinks that you are crazy or seeking attention. Absolute wealth command absolute respect and loyalty.
  3. Human beings are, by defaults, hypocrites. -These world is full of morons who cried injustices in other part of the world, but felt no shames or guilts executing injustices in their own country. When they are the majority, they claim it is their birth rights to discriminate the minority. But when they are the minority, they demand their rights to be respected by majority.
  4. Religions are the major causes of Violences in this world. - Do I need to say more ? Just look around you, and tell me which war is not instigated by religion. It puked me to see holy men blessing the soldiers to go to wars. It is equally sickening to hear religious men inciting misguided followers to conduct act of terrors and violences in the name of religions.
  5. Poverty eradication means denying the poor to enrich the rich - As long as the poor are not educated, they are not learned, and their simple minds will be continued to be manipulated by the rich to become poorer. And the rich will continue to be richer. The poor are intentionally engineered to be poor so that it can be used as political tool by politicians to consolidate and perpetuate their immoral stay in power. Can our politicians honestly answer me what percentage of the money allocated in the name of affirmative actions actually reach the poor ? I would not be surprised that the bulk of the money are eventually end-up in the pockets of selected privileged few.
  6. We are all being intentional;y misguided to hate the Americans. - Yes, we are all being intentionally misguided to hate the west in general, and the American in particular. For this reason, I do not love the Americans. But aren't we intentionally and dubiously influenced to to be in this state of misplaced hatreds ? Would I be wrong to speculate that our sorry state of ignorance are being capitalized to serve the selfish interest of political elitists to justify their self serving agendas ? Just imagine, what will the world be if America does not exist ? The world will be a better place ? I don't think so. America is probably one of the few freest nations in the world that practice freedom of speech, equality, liberty, and has the gut to stand up to intolerances, injustices, and tyrannies in the world. If America are bad, why did so many intelligent, educated, and hardworking people migrated to America ? If America is a sinful country, then why did so many children of the religious people are being send to America to be educated ? Whether you like it or not, America is probably one of the few remaining countries that separate religions from the government administration so that all are free to practice their faith without being intimidated by extremism, fanaticism, and racism. The constitution of America treats everybody as equal, where there are no special rights to to racial groups but only to individuals.
  7. Prostitution is an honourable profession - Politic is the second oldest profession of mankind. But the way some politicians going about doing their jobs, it definitely has very close resemblance to the oldest profession. So when you blindly placed your trust and future to the politicians, you are simply asking to be whored around. So, when the politician said "Work with me......", you are probably already screwed!
  8. There is a God, but in his name, lots of misguided souls are breds. -A lot of so called God fearing and religiously righteous people claimed to believe in God simply because they have lost faith in their religion. They are afraid of dying simply because they are born a sinner into a sinning family and would most likely die a sinner. As a result, they wholeheartedly being misled into believing in Satanism using violence, persecution, and intolerance as a mean to propagate their misguided belief. God does not authorize transgression and compulsion. Faith believers will always find justifications toward these barbaric state of mind in the hope of being granted favours by God. But God does not grants favours. Noisy mass gathering and demonstration of faiths is, but a misguided attempt to open up spiritual communication with God. But the most sacred place of worship is in your heart. The most powerful place to clean your sin is in your mind. It is indeed sinful to build the most beautiful, biggest, tallest, etc. places of worship to honour God, the money and materials could have been used to feed a lot of less fortunate and save lives. Death in the name of God or any form of perceived righteousness does not guarantee you a place in heaven, but a place in burning hell. Remember, taking law into your own hand does not guarantee you a noble place in society but a hole in jail awaits you.
  9. Life is a lesson imperfectly learned - We are conditioned to constantly upgrade our knowledge. The more learn, the better we become, and the more wealth we accumulate. But by the time you think you are enlightened, it is the right time to whisper goodbye. At the end of the day, the biggest house we finally owned is probably not more that Six feet long, 2 feet wide, and 2 feet in height. The biggest plot of the land we owned is probably going to be 8 feet by 4 feet. So take stock of what you have, enjoy yourself, and be a bit more generous !
  10. Screwed up legality and executive privileges - Anything we said during sex or masturbation should not be construed as part of our religious upbringing, should never be brought up as admissible evidences of our moral upbringing, and should never be used against us for future arguments. In this instant, men should be allowed the executive privilege of declaring the inadmissibility of truth for self defence. It has nothing to do with temporary insanity.

My late father used to tell me that life is not fair and will never be. The only way to overcome this unfairness is to adapt to it, get used to it, and make the most out of it. Even if we have a wonderful career with astronomical salaries, but the sad fact is, we will always end up with the realization that, it will not last, and we still have to come to term with the transitory nature of our mortal existence.

Of late, I always ask myself "What do I want in Life ?" Yah, what do I want in Life ? Maybe I will give up my present career to pursue a less stressful job of selling wantan mee in a coffee shop, or maybe selling durians by the road side.....

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Tsun said...

I hv different view of no. 2. There are many crooked millionaires whom nobody respects except those who follow them around hoping for some crumbs. My favorite quote abt money is money can't buy u happiness. Neither can poverty.