Monday, October 30, 2006

Rights to Intolerances ?

Has it occured to you that intolerance is a new form of mental sickness ? There are times human beings are subjected to psychological and emotional intimidation to conform to unfair thoughts, opinions, and threats. A sane man will usually walks aways from these ignorant fools rather than to confront to suffer fools' irrationalities. But, how far can human beings strecth their limits to accomodate these intolerances ? Shouldn't there be a mental institutions to confined those self proclaimed righteous intolerance and ignorance people into mental institution to minimize harms to humanity ?

Usually, people suffering from mental illness are deluded from reality. They are incapble of differentiating rights from wrongs. They live in a virtual world of halucinations surrounded by delusions. Sometimes, they turn violences, and sometimes they become vocal with their obscenities. Look around you, isn't that these characteristic of mental illness resemblanced intolerance people.

Self righteous intolerance people actually idolized freedom, yet in the name of God and racial rights, they ignorantly and sometimes violently robbed the rights of others. They are incapable of appreciating the diversities of differences. They felt threatened by values of others. Violences and incitements of hatreds are their only mean to defend their values and opinions. They seemed to think that the world owes them a living, and they want their rights to be respected, but felt that it is their religious and racial rights to deny and trespasss the rights of others. Hypocrites are all the same wherever you go.

What happened to the idea of open mindedness of imparting and receiving knowledges. We are at times critical of others' opinions and way of life. But at the same time, due to prejudices, cultural, and racial ignorances, we are also incapale to conduct self criticisms or accept criticisms from others. And the worst of all, due to our rent seeking mentalities, we expect others to denouce theirs rights to allowed us to behave like arrogant thieves to rob others.

Why human beings as a whole, are no longer capable to exposed their minds to other people's opinion, idea, belief, rights, and way of life ? Why are we now so narrow minded to the extend that we take it as a threat whenever our idea, opinion, religion, rights, and way of life are being challenged or subject to criticism or examination ? What happened to the free spirits of intellectual arguements and discussions. Is our sensitivity that thin, and our belief that fragiled, that we have to resort to intimidation and violences to reclaim our misplaced pride and honour ?

Does it make sense and morally right for the so called defenders of freedom resorting to sending young men and women to invade other countries to restore freedom ? Does it make sense and religiously correct for religious leaders to instigate violences against non believers to propagate their religious values ? In the first place, if the followers understand what they are fighting for, there will be no wars or violences. We are now in a sad state of highly educated but ignorantly not learned.

A small group of self righteous intolerance people, contaminated with the perils of irrationalities and misguided values, are vocally causing dismayed fears and making the world an unsafe place to live. Is it right for the majority of decent human beings to live under the threats of these small group of dieseased people.

No, it is not right at all. And it is insane to take their words as gospel truths. These lunatics should be put into mental instituions so that proper psychiatric care can be provided to them to eliminate further damages to humanity. The United Nations must set-up an international uniformed force to go into those countries to arrest these lunatics, put them on trial on international courts, and rehabilitate them in mental institutions. I am not preaching therapeutic conformism of universal values, but there must be a stop to all these lunatics with their immoral self righteous intolerances. Unlimited tolerances to the social dieses of intolerances will eventuality drive humanity to destructions.

Perhaps, I am sicked and tired of narrow minded people with intolerant attitude, constantly demanding censorship and forcing silences on words and media on the thin excuse of not wanting to upset the fragile mentalities of a small group of noisy, rent seeking, and intolerance mental retards.

Do we forever want to put ourselve undersiege to allow small group of intolerance people to violently barged into and ended civil discussions simply becuase these small group do not have the mental and intellectual capabilities to engage in healthy and productive intellectual discussions ? Do we accept their barbarities as an accepted form of righteousness ? So we force the silence on the law abiding citizens to apease these self righteous intolerance mental retards ? Looking back at history in totality, aren't we willingly allowing the decadences of cultures which we claimed to defend and protect ? On the other hand, aren't we moving into a world of Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" of thoughts control by subjecting ourselves to close minded censorship and conformity of what "truths" to discuss and what "truths" not to be challenged ? Projecting this state of irrationality further, I would not surprise that, 100 years from now, there will be a scientific unification of all religions, maybe we can called it "the temple of love". Aren't we slowly inching ourselves toward a real non secular state of political Utopia? Am I wrong to state that culture of intolerances has become a real fabric of the world where it is effectively used as a political tool to ensure selfish conformity in many parts of the world ?

We are living in a world of contradictions. "Truths" are at times, hand picked and are not allowed to be contested in the name of sensitivities of intolerance people. Can these truths be given every opportunity to be argued and disputed ? As much as I want to contradict the so called "truths", but I am also mindful of the fear of persecution and intimidation. Of course this is my perception, but nevertheless, the fear, to me is real. How can a "truth" be accepted as "truth" when it is not allowed to be publicly deabted and rigourously examinated ? Should these so called "truths" be accepted simply because the intolerance people presumed that they are priviledged to determine what is right and the rest are wrong.

The sadest part of humanity is, self righteous intolerance people are begining to churned out hatespeeches and hatreds in the name of freedom of speech. But, at the same times, masked behind religion and racial sensitivities when their basis of values are being questioned and examined. It is absurd to be told that the rights of intolerance people to intolerate and trespass into others' rights can not be questioned or discussed simply because it is sensitive.

It is indeed sickening to see pariahs unshamely churning out politically correct speeches to justify intolerances in religion, race, and culture. The world will be a much better place, if everybody, for a start, can put aside religion, race, and culture to enggage in intellectual discussion and arguement to root out intolerances. Wouldn't it be better if all of us can have the civility and gentlemanly conduct of able to agree to disagreed, and to accept and respect differences among us ? Why behaving like animals to demand, trespass, and seek unequal rights to have bigger territories and domoninances over others ? It is disgusting and despicable for human being using religion, race, and culture as a platform to justify intolerances.

To the so called God fearings and religious people ? Remember, it doesn't matter how many times you pray, or how hard you perceived yourself to be religious. Insincere prayers and faked religiousness are all counted as sins. You shall reaped what you sow. Judgement day awaits you. See you in HELL. Heheheheeeeeee.

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Namo Amithaba Buddha.

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