Thursday, October 05, 2006

Honour thy art of apologies ?

I am mentally exhausted and tired, but sleep won't come. Okay, I will have to download the misindexed and corrupted data from my brain into this web log. Hopefully, with a defragmented brain, I can say aloha to the beautiful dreamlands awaiting me.

I want to make it clear and very clear that this posting is merely intended to amuse myself and to tire and slow down my brain cells activities which is still in high gear. Sarcasms happens to be my favorite past times. No animals are killed, no bloods are spilled, and honestly, no insults are intended. So, this is perfectly a very healthy acts of mental masturbation. Don't find faults with me. If you insist, may I suggest you find fault with your own kinds ? In another word, don't screw with me, go, go, go screw yourself with your own smelly fingers.

Talking about favorite past times, I observe with real amusements from a little corner of under developed earth, a little nation with a geographical shape of a half cooked potato. A nation full of potato brains. What are the national favorite and politically correct past times of this half past six potato nation ? You guess it right - Apologies Seeking ! Why ? I was given the impression that these people are incapable getting anything done right except seeking apologies to justify their existences.

When Popiah Bend-the-Dick deliver a theology lecture in a far away land, the potato brains are in trance like mimicking zombies, jumping around, swinging from tree to tree, shouting their demands for apologies. That senile old Popiah also once called my religion an erotic fantasy. But I don't get offended, because my religion taught me to ignore ignorant man. They want to talk nonsense, let them talk nonsense lah....
By the way, these potato brains also demand apologies from a Mr Lick Cock You for stating his political observations in a political forum. One scabbied dog starts barkings, the rest of the pea brain cocks also start mimicking the dog's barkings. The worst part is, after a certain period of times, the cocks start to believe that they are Dogs. Those noises are goddamn irritating. Can somebody tell me who let the dogs out ?

After this, maybe we should organize a mass demonstration seeking TALK-SIN to be evicted from his asylumed home in London to come to the potato nation to apologize for selling his ShitCock company to the Kiasu people.

Ok, potato brains hate the Americans. Maybe they should also ask the American people to apologize for their insensitivity of voting in Bush as their President ? Boycott American's Starbucks and boycott anything American's, you said ? I shake my head. Look like Boycotting is going to be another national favourite past times for those low self esteemed people..

Some of the slightly educated potato brains actually fantasizing to be the great Zorro, wearing the mask of Zorro championing and fighting injustices around the world. Out of courteousy, we clapped our hands to acknowledge the clowns. But it is getting to be a bit tired affairs. And it is not funny anymore! The problem is, the original Zorro's mask has two big eye holes. But these potato brains are wearing the make-in-Balacock Zorro's mask with no eye holes ! With that kind masks on, they are nothing but a bunch of ........... With their dirty and tainted swords, ignorant of circumstances, and with blinded vision, they swing the swords blindly in any direction, as long as there is a farting noise. Most of the time, they self inflicting cuts on themselves and innocents bystanders. Guess what, they blamed the world for not being sensitive to their sensitivities.....

You people got nothing better to do kah ?

This kopi-kia may not be that educated. But I have a simple philosophy, "Mind your own business". What happened in other places, what other people do, or what other people said, are really none of our business. Do the right thing in your own home, treat your people fairly and justly, manage the wellfares of people, and the world will accord you with respect.

Come to think of it, we used to be a bunch of apologists, we have progressed. Now, we are nothing but a bunch of grievance seekers with severe inferiority complexities! Usually, grievance seekers are nothing but a bunch of unconsciously incompetent people seeking to jump into any bandwagons to divert away attention of their incompetency and glaring weaknesses. Only fools believe in them. But, but, these world is full of ignorant fools. And, the circus goes on and on....

I do hope one day, the Hindus will not ask me to apologize because I eat beef. Okay, okay, the reason I eat beef is, because it was served to me. I did not know by eating beef, I trespassed into the sensitivity of the Hindus. I regretted and apologize to all Hindu because they do not eat beef.

They said, sarcasm is a form of concealed anger. You are GOD damned right ! I am angry. Angry with what ? Don't be such a naive stupid mental retards !

And God created human beings ? Who created God ? Godfather ? Maybe God is an Italian. No wonder Mario Brando looks like God, and Al Pacino look like messenger of God. Ping ! all this while I am speaking the wrong language to God. I better go learn Italian language, so that, I can communicate better with him......

Before I go to sleep. From the bottom of my heart, and with great respect for your sensitivity. I say, I am sorry.

Good NiteZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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