Thursday, October 12, 2006

Malaysia...... I love you

If this world is without races and religions, would the world be a very peaceful place ? Imagine if we are all just Malaysian, and not Malay, Chinese, Indian, or "dan lain lain". Just imagine ! And based on the sensationalized, desensationalized, and indirect references of news reportings and commentaries in the local newspapers, we do have a group of very vocal politicians wanting to be racial pariahs.
With utmost respect to the sensitivities to all Malaysian of different ethnic origins, my laymen conclusion is, in Malaysia, we basically have 3 groups of citizens :
(1) I am not given enough group,
(2) I have given up too much group, and
(3) I am not given anything group
Now here, I am not being sarcastic or insinuating. Please hear me out with an open mind and a generous heart. This is my unqualified observation of the mentality of Malaysians. Demand, demand, and more demands without due regards to the well being of each other. As a matter of fact, these 3 groups of people exist within all the races in Malaysia. The analogy is, it is like a wealthy family having a few vocal children where all children demand bigger and bigger portion of the family's wealths without the need to work for it, because all of them felt that it is their hereditary rights to enjoy the existing wealths. If the parents start playing favouritism, then two things will happen, (a) the wealths will eventually run dried because no new wealth being created, and (b) the family will eventually disintegrate into warring factions. In real life, I believe we have all encountered wealthy family disintegrated into insignificant.
Malaysia happens to be a very blessed country with rich resources and some hardworking citizens. But the problem is, if every groups of citizens champion by irresponsible leaders start demanding to have greater wealth at the expense of each other, without putting in real economic efforts, the system will eventually collapse.
The political reality is, in Malaysia, political parties are form along racial lines. The survival of these political parties depend on championing of issues along racial lines. It is a real planning challenge for the present and future political leadership to decide whether they have the political courages to look beyond race and religion in policy formulation and implementation. Political compromises along racial lines have been the hallmarks of Malaysia success in maintaining racial harmony.
Malaysians now need to look beyond racial politic and evolve as a single national citizenry entity of Malaysian to stay efficient to survive in the ever competitive and changing world.
The fact we need to recognize is, there are poor and rich Chinese, Malay, Indian, and "dan lain lains" races in Malaysia. Poverty and lacked of wealths does not discriminate and exist within all races and in everywhere in the world. It is not right to blanketly deny other races the opportunities to acquire wealth simply because there are a small group of people within those races are rich. It is equally not right to systematically favour only a particular race simply because majority within a particular race is "poor". Therefore, in formulating and implementing policies in the name of fair distribution of wealth, Malaysians must have the moral mindset that, affirmative actions to assist the poor must be channelled to the "poors" and "less fortunate" irregardless of race and religion.
My personal perception is, perhaps I am wrong, Malaysians are all well educated but not learned. Discussions on issues related to race and religion can instigate even the most educated person into emotional irrationality and misplaced angers. The sad fact is, their kind minds are easily manipulated by politically bankrupt politicians whose sole purpose is to sustain their political continuity through unpatriotic racialization of issues.
Wouldn't it be better if we can look at strategic issues as national issues rather than selfishly manipulating the issues at racial and communal levels. What is the point of getting the tree but missing the whole forest ?
At one point or another, I do hope it come sooner. We must all recognize the need to evolve Malaysia as a united country that consists of progressive, moderate, and liberal Malaysians. Racial politics must be strongly discouraged during the ongoing process of our young nationhood. Politicians who seek political survival and popularity by championing racial issues must be treated with contempts and taboo. These irresponsible politicians are out there to sustain their personal interests, and should be rejected by all Malaysians.
Selfish demands in name of perceived racial rights will always result in unfair denial of the rights of other groups of Malaysians. This rent seeking mentality should be discouraged and systematically minimized.
The notion of "equality of races" has always been a taboo word in Malaysia. Simply because, if this notion is pursue and discuss, politicians with biased interests will manipulate the issues as transgression of respective racial rights to generate severe discomforts in inter-racial relationship in Malaysia. For a start, maybe the younger generations of Malaysians must be educated to appreciate the moral values of "equality for all Malaysians" and the evils of racial politics.
Whether we like it or not, there are perceived inequalities from within and outside Malaysia. Racism, no matter how you defined it to make it politically correct, is, but racism. Apartheid, not matter how you justify it, is, but apartheid. Words can always be massaged and rearranged to form beautiful self deceiving statements. But what pride do we have in the eyes of the free world ? The question is, do we as Malaysians, have the courage to rise beyond communal interest and personal greeds to champion the national interests for the benefits of all Malaysians ?
Malaysia must be a nation that is proud of her competitive, free, and moral spirits standing united to explore and seek competitive position in the global market place. Otherwise, the world will continue to watch us and clap their hand to acknowledge the clowns.
I am not a political analyst, I am writing this post as a Malaysian who sincerely care for the strategic significant of Malaysia in the World. This posting is not meant to stir racial discomforts or question the racial rights of Malaysians. But as a Malaysian, I do sincerely hope, Malaysians can take greater efforts to put themselves in each others shoes to understand each other's aspirations and frustrations. I do sincerely hope that, in my life time, Malaysia can be evolved into a true meritorious nation of proud "Bangsa Malaysia" with proud traditions of cultural diversities, assuming the indisputable leadership and moral roles in this competitive global village.
I love Malaysia. I love Malaysians. But do Malaysia love me ?. Do other Malaysians love me ?

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