Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Those old photographs,
with those greyish black and white prints,
I was brought back to my teenage years.

It was not long ago,
it seemed.
how times have passed me by.
The memories of those yesteryears,
vividly revisualized in my minds.
Of those laughters,
innocent pranks,
and carefree life.

How I wish
I can relived
those life's happy episodes.
But, time only allows
mortal man to pass thru' it once,
and they can never be
any turning back.

Twenty years from now,
will I still be able to flip through
those faded colour photographs of now ?
And recollect the "wonderful" memories ?

We are not what we used to be,
and we can never be what we want to be.
That's the reality I have learned.
In between the past and the future,
I have whispered many goodbyes
to many good people.
Before goodbye
being whispered to me,
I better learned
to appreciate Today,
look forward to Tomorrow !

Before tomorrow come,
I better have a good night sleep.........

1 comment:

Soul_Voice said...

WOW!!! Black Coffee's theme?
Have not been to your blog for a few days and suddenly all gone dark?
Darth Vader came for a visit or what.LOL
School colour eh?
Won't make me think much about KE school but will certainly make feel like having a cup of black coffee.
Nice background but I think someday I hope to see them in a more colourful theme.
Then I will know my friend is singing Top Of The World.

Bless be,