Thursday, October 05, 2006

Seeking happiness in insanity ?

I do have a very nice and spacious room in my office with a commanding desk custom made according to fengshui measurements. An 8 feet by 4 feet custom made KuanKong ( the famous ancient Chinese warrior ) sculptured art panel to enhance my commanding present in the office. And a nice collections of refined Chinese tea at my disposal to soothe my temperaments. But somehow, I hardly spend more than an hour a day in my room ! My prefer working spot in my office is the bare meeting room. I simply find it more convenient to work from the meeting room where I can called for meetings anytime I want. The bare wall of the meeting room gave me a sense of "space" to allow my mind to perform illogical virtual graffiti to amuse myself. On the serious side, the bare wall also allow me to perform virtual and imaginary focus to practise mental concentrations.

Today is just a another normal working day in the office. With both eyes focusing on the wall, I found a small greying spot measuring probably 1 cm in radius. Silly me, I actually though I can transfer my mental energy and direct it to the small spot and make it disappear ! Nevertheless, I did tried for probably 10 or perhaps 15 minutes. What am I trying to prove ? Logical man attempting illogical stupidity ! The end result is, I did get a pair of strained and tired eyes.

Will I be successful in some other days for my illogical attempts to convert and transfer mental energy into unknown energy manifestations ? Great men think alike, and fools seldom differ.

I am definitely not insane. This is just my little habitual harmless mental diversions to balance conflicting priorities of my not so adventurous life. I actually get amusements from this aimless mental adventurisms. Occasionally, it actually put smiles back on to the hardened muscles of my face mimicking my own stupidities.

I am a sane man in this increasingly insane world. To remain sane, we need to simulate insanity within that six inches between the two temporal points of our heads. otherwise, how do I know whether I am a sane man or whether I exceeded that threshold crossing into insanity ? To become insane, you really need to have a higher level of intelligence that perpetually put your brains activities in locomotions. An insane man is definitely a happy man! And it is positively not easy to be insane. Between Happiness and sanity, an insane man in his right mind would definitely choose not to be saned and remain in a state of perpetual happiness. And the sane man in his right minds choose to work towards unhappiness !

Hmm.... I am actually smiling within myself ranting these illogical nonsenses. I actually found happiness and a sense of mental contentments ! Am I insane ?

Tanjung Rambutan is only less than 3 hours drives from Kuala Lumpur...............

Good nitZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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