Sunday, October 08, 2006

Another hazy Sunday.....

Another Hazy Sunday, another demands for Apology.....

Sunday, another horrible day of unbearable polluted air with acrid smells and limited vision as a result of haze caused by a pariah nation's deliberate "slash and burn" of forests. Spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally, I am not feeling well. It is very depressing to have the realization that I need to accept this unhealthy hazy environment. And for how long more ? I don't know. And I am definitely not in the best of mood today.

The Governor of South Sumatra, Syahrial Oesman has expressed his hope for for rainfalls to douse the illegal forest fires started by his inconsiderate country men. According to the incompetence Governor, "Only the rain can put out the fires. So, let us pray and hope to Allah for an immediate rain," Isn't that sounds familiar, an irresponsible nation will always shamelessly justify their management impotence using the name of God.

It is VERY irresponsible and arrogance for Indonesia to simply admit that they have no resources to contain the illegal fires ! What Indonesian government should do is, since they have so many righteous fighters willing to travel all the way to far away land to die in religious war, why not send them to Kalimantan jungle to do some firefightings to douse the forest fires ? Helping to save the forests is probably more environmentally friendly and attract good karma than taking side to help others to kill each others.

Indonesia is the only country in ASEAN that dragged its feet to sign and ratify the "Asean Transboundary Haze Agreement" since its inception. Indonesia's unwillingness to ratify the agreement reflects their ruthlessness and irresponsibilities. Every year, without taking into consideration of the well beings of its neighbours, Indonesians barbarically conducted large scale "slash & burn" of forests to pollute the environment of its neighbours. Is this what you called good neighbourly conducts ? I would like to view them as a irresponsible nation that sponsored environmental hooliganisms.

Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, and Philippines has been suffering unnecessarily and severely every year due to Indonesians inconsiderations and irresponsibilities. I doubt the Indonesians have any concern at all for their criminal activities. They have been doing it every year at their wimp and fancy. I guess, it is about time now we reciprocate their inconsiderate and barbaric mentality. Indonesia and Indonesians, please F#@& off !

Since we are now also so good in seeking apology from all over the world, and sometimes on behalf of other people, I would like to appeal to our official apology seekers to demand apology from the Indonesian government. Please do it now ! Where is your priority ? The health and financial wellbeing of 26 million Malaysians are less important than the face saving gesture to seek apology from Pope Bend-the-dick and Lick-cock-you ? Please do your job appropriately to ask Indonesians to own up to their irresponsible actions. Please tell Indonesians to behave and act like decent educated homo sapient.

Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili, the Chairman of Unity Panel, and Minister in the Prime Minister Department, has today made another demand ( NST - 08th October 2006 ) to Singapore's Minister Mentor Lee to apologize in the press. My comment is, please save your last breath and energy. In the subconscious minds of Malaysians and Singaporeans, and deep in our hearts, they know, we know, God know, and I am sure you also know, THE TRUTHS. So, please close the chapter. I am really sicked and tired of all these unnecessary political noises. if you really care about wellbeings of Malaysians, please get your priority right. Please direct your demand for apology to Indonesia to (1) stop the open burning immediately, and ( 2) apologize to Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, and Philippines are polluting our air space. In case you still don't get it, Malaysia is facing a very severe haze problems deliberately created by Indonesians. Malaysians does not care much of what MM Lee said or not said ! Please get your priority right ! Please get your priority right.

As it is, Malaysians are sufferings from the haze, health wise and financially. Dear apology seekers, what are you going to do about it ? It is such an irony that the health and financial wellbeings of Malaysians are being sabotaged by Indonesia and there is nothing we can do about it. It really piss me off to hear the constant noises of apology seeking at all the wrong place and for all the wrong reasons, but nothings are done to ask the Indonesians to stop raping our environment.

God forgive me, in simple language, I am really piss off with all those irresponsible subspecies accidentally created by you. I am having headaches, suffering from sore throat, my eyes are irritated, and I think I am going to get fever soon. Courteousy of the inconsiderate environmental rapists. Oh God, in desperations, I seek your interventions to put a stop to all these deliberate, indiscriminate, and illegal burnings of forests. I seek your grace to bless all of us with good health and financial prosperity to defend our health. God, be fair, please ensure these subspecies reaped what they sowed in their own sinful land !

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Namo Amithaba Buddha.

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Anonymous said...

"If you can guarantee the wind will not blow (in this direction), then I can guarantee it (haze) will not happen again."*
"When we export oxygen, you don’t say anything; when we export haze, you complain."*
"We have forests producing oxygen and bringing clean air to them but they don't thank us. Now there's smoke and they complain. There must be a balance."*

This was the response of a top official, First secretary (political affairs), who goes by the single name Mudzakir at the Indonesian embassy in Kuala Lumpur after receiving a memorandum today from opposition party DAP. He received the two-page document on behalf of the Ambassador KPH Rusdihardjo and his deputy Abdul Rahman Muhamad Fachir. They were not at the embassy. (source: Malaysiakini)

I was lost of words when I read this...just want to shout out four letter words.

At least, Malaysia and Indonesia politicians do have something in common - "MORON".

I can only sigh..............