Friday, October 13, 2006

Religiosity breeds insanity ?

The evil
of your belief
never failed to amazed me.
What does peace meant to you ?

In the name
of false injustices,
you commit violences.
You spread hatreds. You propagate lies.
Are you a victim or demented instigator ?

You lead
a life of delusions.
It seemed to me you are
perpetually searching for new enemies.
Who are your enemies anyway ?

You love to hate, You live to hate, You die in hate.
You glorify the culture of hates.
Is this your sacred purity of religiosity ?
Does God asks you to carryout
misdeeds and violences
on his behalf ?

My friends,
Let me tell me this simple noble truth.
Truth hurts, but truth is glorious.
Search no more. Look within yourselves !
Your real enemy is you. Yes, you.

Intolerances, hatreds, greeds,
jealousies, and transgressions within you
maketh you the beast and real monsters !
Your actions unmasked your words.
You are but barbarians that seek glory in violences.

You refused to accept others'
cultures, religions, and ways of life,
Should the world submit to your perverted ignorances ?

You refused to live in peace with others.
Do you honestly believe the world owed it to you
to respect and be sensitive to your insanity ?

Stop the deceiveful cries on self inflicted wounds.
Be fair, respect and acceptance can not be forced.
Please learn to coexist with people around you,
and appreciate the beauties in diversities.

May peace be upon you.
It is still not too late

Believe in Peace.
Live in Peace.
Love peace.

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