Monday, October 09, 2006

This mask of life.....

This mask,
I put it on in the morning,
I take it off before I go to bed,
sometimes I forgot to take it off,
sometimes I'm too tired to take if off,
and sometimes,
I don't even know whether I should take it off...

With the mask on,
I can be what I am not,
I can be a strong willed person,
I can dictate the directions,
I know where I want to go,
I know my mission, vision, and purpose.
I can be a tender person to ease your pains.
I am the pillar, the strength, and wisdom for my family.
I shall lead, and they shall follow.......

Behind this mask,
do you really know me ?
Can you see my thoughts ?
Can you touch my love and passion ?
Can you understand my emotional sensitivity ?
Can you grasp my inner frustrations ?
Can you feel my desperations, fears, and anxieties ?
Will you share my pains and failures ?

Behind this mask,
I still need what I craved and needs.
I still need tender loving care,
Understanding, compassions, and support.
I can not be a lone ranger till the end of time.
I can not stand a lonely stand,
to shoulder the responsibilities all by myself.
I can not fight the lonely battles for survivals.
I am at times, a lost soul and a tired man.

Behind this mask,
I am still a man with a vulnerable heart,
who still need a shoulder to cry on.
I still need someone for comforts, advices, and support.
I still need someone to share the good times,
the bad times, and everything in between.
I still need someone to motivate and inspire me in my time of despairs.
I still beed someone to hold my hand,
to sing me lullabies before I go to sleep....

Who am I ?
But I am born a man,
I can not failed my family and my loved ones,
for this is my little purpose in Life.
No matter how deceiveful and painful it is,
I must continue to wear this mask,
to give the best part of my life,
and wonderful times to my family.
How wrong can that be ?

This mask, this mask...
I shall put it on for another day,
for tomorrow,
for day after tomorrow,
and till the end of time.

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