Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A soul was lost.........

This week is indeed a very hectic week. There are out of ordinary many project bidding paper to prepare, project deliverables schedules to fulfill, and account receivables to collect to ensure payments to strategic suppliers on times. But that is only the "work" side ! On the home front, there are bills, bills, and more bills to pay. I mean really dig deep in my pocket to pay all those bills. On top of that, there are always the unending family commitment and engagements that need personal attention. Hmmm.. life is tough ! But again, take it humorously, that is my Vipaka due to my previous Karma. In this life, I really need to work that much harder to repay the debts of my previous life's misdeeds. Hopefully, my next life will be easier.

Coming back to reality. I was indeed very sad to read emails in a yahoo eGroup about a lady friend of an eGroup member taking her own life. Sad, perhaps is not the right word to describe my sentiments. I just felt more than sad. Perhaps, a sense of loss even I do not know her. Or perhaps, a complete loss of emotional direction on how to respond to this illogical emotional fragilities. Life is indeed a sad game, at the end of it, nobody gets out alive !

What drives a person into suicide ? What was her state of mind at the moment she her took her life ? I could only assume that, it must be very difficult for her to execute that path that was not predestined. How do normal human being respond when pains and sufferings continuously exceed the emotional and mental capabilities to cope ? Either way, the decision to die or to live is not an easy decision for her. Although life is precious, but she has chosen to terminate her life to relief her pains and sufferings. I can only presume that, it is equally difficult for her close friends and loved ones to cope with that emotional vacuums that she left behind. With folded palm and closed eyes, I pray to the Almighty to bless her soul, and may her friends and loved one be graced with courage accept this finality of life and to let her soul go in peace.

I am sad that she did not reached out to seek help. Maybe, she had tried, but people surrounding her are not observance enough, or are simply hearing without listening. Or perhaps, people surrounding her are ignorant of the seriousness of her pains and sufferings. But whatever it is, she has made a choice. The lesson we learned from this sad episode is, we need to be more attentive, sensitive, and alert to people surrounding us. We need to show more empathy and offer our helping hands when there is a slightest indication that our friends or loved ones are not in the best of emotional conditions.

It takes a lot of courage to make that decision to commit suicide. But suicide is a sinful decision. It is definitely not a wise decision. Suicide may end pains and sufferings to oneself, but it leaves behind a trail for emotional destructions to the deceased's loved ones and friends. Unless you are being possessed by demons or unwelcome spirits, if you ever have suicidal intent, please be more assertive and seek help. Human beings by nature are compassionates and will always lend you a helping hand. You just need to communicate to them more assertively to make them understand your predicaments. For whatever reasons you may have, stress, sickness, financial troubles, depressions, etc. Let me tell this one SIMPLE FACT. These causes or problems are man made, it can be managed, and definitely can be overcome. If you are not able to cope, please seek help ! Suicide can be prevented. If you can hold on to your suicidal intent for a few more days and come out of it alive, you will definitely be stronger. You will be able to help others to avoid this premature termination of life. That shall be recorded in your Book Of Life as Good Karma.

May the Almighty bless her soul. May you be blessed with courages and determinations to meet life obstacles with wisdom. May you be blessed with humility and generosity to extend your helping hands to those in need of help.

Om mani padme hum. Om namo Amithaba Buddha.
Good Nite............

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