Monday, October 16, 2006

Another not so adventurous weekend.........

Saturday and Sunday are usually the days I look forward to. I usually get a lot of personal things done during the weekend at much relax pace. I actually enjoy doing the errands and those little things such as talking to the plants, and sometimes even the ants..... Talking about ants, do you know ants have good sense of humours ?

To backtrack a bit, I actually have a very nasty dream a night before. Two kind angels actually come into my dreams to forewarn me about impending betrayals. The angels actually tell me my own brother is plotting to sabotage my business with his demented plan ( But like they said, that will be another story later if I ever want to reveal the truth). What a weird dream ! I told the angels to f-off, and I will probably take those warnings with many pinches of salts. Before the angels left, one gave me a pen, the other gave me a little yellow book. I will figure out the significants of these unwelcome gifts later at some other times. Come to think of it, life will be very sad if my own brother have the heart to plot my downfalls. But whatever it is, if it come, I will let it be. Probably it was my Karma in my previous life. I would not want to fight off the Vipaka anymore. I really have nothing to loose anymore. Money is of no concern to me now as compared to 10 years ago. I probably already have enough to last till my last breaths.

Forget about the haze. I woke up on Saturday morning, but have problem getting up from the bed. What has happened to me. Did I offended the angels ? Immediately I tried to move my body, there was this sharp unbearable pains at my back above my waist draining away all my energy, as a result, both my legs are rendered useless ! I can not even move my legs ! Probably I unconsciously sprained my back during the sleep the night before.

I have been having this recurrences of severe back pain for a few years already. Based on past experiences, I believe I should be lively again in a week times. So, no worry, no necessity to see the good doctor. I will be well soon. I know, I will.

So, on Saturday, I lived like King of the house but felt miserables. My sons and wife treat my like vegetables, and in fact, I felt like vegetable. Unable to move around as freely as I want. I even have problem sitting up to do my regular reading. So, I can't be "sitting" or "lying" there doing nothing. It is degrading !

I have to find something useful to do ! How about organizing my messy collection of digital photographs ? Why not ? It ihas been long overdue. So, lying on one side, I mean, with one side of my body lying perpendicular to the floor, one soft pillow tucking strategically at my back to restrict any accidental free body movement - the Buddha sleeping posture, I set-up my notebook to organized and upload my personal photographs to By the time I finished, and few hours later, I did managed to upload slightly more than 1000 photographs organized into various folders. Not bad, for a man in semi vegetable state. At least, I am productive.

Saturday came and Saturday went past. An uneventful day, but a blessing in disguise - I have the much needed rest.

Sunday was not much more different than Saturday, In fact, the pains are getting worst. never mind, let it come, I will get used to it. I told myself. I manged and find my way to get up from the bed. Now, I have another problem, I can't bend my body ! It is real challenging to trying to wash my face and brush my teeth. Ahh.. never mind, I will just rinse my mouth with Listerine and get my wife to use a wet tower to freshen my face.

Of all the day, I have chose this Sunday to have my silly urge to have Bak Kut Teh for breakfast ! My wife managed to call a good friend of mine in Klang to tarpow (pack) Bak Kut Teh for my breakfast. As usual, the Bak kut Teh is not bad. I did enjoy my Bak Kut Teh. After the Breakfast, my wife suggested I go shopping complex to do some shopping and hopefully, the "walking around" will loosen my aching muscles. She is probably thinking that I am lazy. Well, why not, how much more painful can it be ? Aided by the walking stick, I did managed to "walk around" for more than 4 hours. Woman ! I shake my head, they are indeed good for shopping. I mean really shopping around. Their stamina and energy really amaze me.

Nevertheless, it was good to have that little bit of stretching exercise in the shopping complex. At least, I can finally stand straight with only a small difficulty. But my problem is, during the night, it is back to square one. I have this problem of lying straight on the bed, I guess my muscles are over stretched, and refused to relax. Last resort, 2 tablets of pain killer did the wonderful magic of getting the must needed rest.

Monday. What about Monday. Not much different from the usual Monday. My strained back is still causing me the nuisance of unbearable pains. The pains are still unbearable as was 2 days ago. But I am beginning to get used to it. In fact, I actually beginning to enjoy that "twitching" pains. Every little "twitching" pain is bringing me a step closer to orgasm! I think the pains must have taken a bit control of my mental state. I am beginning to sound like a sadist.

My wife woke me up. She asked "Are you feeling well to go to the office ?". For a moment she scared the life out of me, I actually thought I saw my angel trying to lead me to the promised land! Sarcastically, I replied "Do I looked sick to you ? Of course, I am going to the office ! Heaven can wait !".

Well, I may not be getting younger. But this old tiger is going to fight to get well soon and show his spirits in the office........ I have better things to do in the office rather than lying or sitting at home doing unproductive things or fantasizing erotic encounters. But coming back to reality, I hope my back pains will ease and I can move about freely tomorrow.

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