Thursday, October 19, 2006

A year of blogginess....

I started posting my first web log entry in October 2005. By end of this month, it will be one year of blogging! Hmmmm.... time flies.....

I started this blog purely driven by the motivation of finding something productive to fill my sleepless time at nights. I am definitely not an insomniacs. Putting my thoughts and daily experiences in words is, to me, a good way to tire down my otherwise active mind at night. Blogging at night is like taking dosage of sleeping pills, if you know what I mean.

The blog was started without any objective or theme. I basically have the freedom to write what I felt like writings In fact, looking back, I really do not know what I will be writing next. For readers who follow my blog, my apology for the "no sense of purpose" and "no direction" blog. It must be very irritating for some to read about my grumpy rantings and musings.

So, one years has past. I believe, this blog will continue to be "unthemed" and "undirectionaled". looking back and reading some of my own postings, there is only one conclusion I can make of myself. I am indeed a very sarcastic and grumpy middle age man. I guess that is me, is there anything wrong for being "honest" to speak from my "heart" ?

12 months ! Talking about figures, I am indeed surprise to realize that over the short period of 12 months, I have posted 260 web log entries in this blog. On the average, this blog has been visited by about 1000 visitors per months with an average of 800 postings being read daily. At least, with blogging, I know there are still many like minded individuals like me out there in this barbaric universe of ours. So, I am really not alone. And, it is still okay for me to continue my temporary insanity of being a grumpy and sarcastic middle age man.

Honestly, I do have a honest and noble intention in this blog. It would really be a satisfaction for me if this blog can touch some of you out there to believe, adopt, and propagate ethical and righteous behaviors among ourselves. The world would be such a beautiful place for mankind if each and everyone us became a fertile focal point for the cultivation of tolerances. I know, this will not happen in my life times, but I do hope, the time will come for our children to be educated and learned to resolve differences on the basis of rational objectivity rather than being blindly influenced by religions, races, and creeds. On the other hand, I also hope, my future generations can place better emphasis on moderate spiritual development rather than the over emphasis of materials pursuits.

I honestly believed, that this turbulent and sometimes irrational and violent time during this life times of mine is, but a transitionally period towards civiled civilizations. The future world beyond this life spend of mine shall be a peaceful, harmonious, equal, and a happy world for all future citizens of the world.

In this life times of mine, at one time or another, most of us has suffered fools' mentality of racism, prejudice, inequality, religious extremism, cultural intimidations, and all sort of moronic ignorances. What am I going to do about it ? Nothing. Yes, you hear me right. Nothing. I have a very simple believe that, it is not up to me to engage all these racists, religion fanatics, and cultural morons to truths and reasons. If I refused to be intimidated by these inferior subspecies' idiotic behaviors, eventually, these idiots shall be the recipients of their own doings. They shall carried the burdens of their own hatreds till their death. Why should I respond to their stupidities and ignorances. I have better things to do. Why not spend my limited times left to improve myself and my livelihoods. Reasoning with irrational and ignorant subspecies is like talking to pigs. We all know what pigs are capable of. So, sincerely, why waste our breaths ? Why not invest our times on our own children to guide them to become real human beings ?

I have digressed. Back to the original intention of this postings. Well, it has been 12 months since I started this blog. I do sincerely hope, I will be able to carry on writing in this blog for many more months to come............

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