Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Adolf Hitler stripped of Honorary Citizenship

In August 15, 1932, Nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler was given a honorary citizenship by Heiligendamm. Heiligendamm has a population of 350. It is a seaside resort situated on the Baltic Sea coast. The seaside resort was founded in 1763 and is the oldest seaside spa in Germany. It is part of the town Bad Doberan in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. For further information on Heiligendamm, please visit HERE.

Adolf Hitler was born in April 20, 1889. His racial policy was blamed for starting world war II and the persecution of Jews and the shameful genocidal holocaust where an estimated six million Jews were killed or tortured to death. It was estimated that more than 45 million people had died in Europe alone during the second world war. Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun, committed suicide in his underground bunker in Berlin in April 30, 1945 when the Soviet Union's armies overran the country.

The world's seven largest industrial nations was expected to held their G8 summit in Heiligendamm from June 6th to the 8th 2007. Germany has previously held the presidency of the summit on four occasions in 1978, 1985, 1992, and 1999. The June 2007 summit will be Germany's fifth G8 Presidency. In preparation of the summit, the local council of Heiligendamm has taken the right step to formally strip Hitler the honorary citizenship on April 2nd 2007.

It took another 75 years for Hitler to be incrementally shamed for his indecent deeds on humanity. Hitler has been remembered by the world as one of the most despicable person in our modern history. Hopefully, this will serve as a reminder to current dictators, politicians, and religious leaders around the world to cultivate human decency and take steps to respect human rights for total elimination of current and future racial, political, cultural, and religious discriminations, persecutions, inequalities, abuses, and other forms of misdeeds.

May God bless the souls of those who perished during World World 2. May God grant those who survived and the descendants of the victims with the grace to forgive and forget. May God grant human beings with fair eyes to embrace and appreciate the beauty of racial, cultural, political, and religious diversities. May God bless this world to be a better place for our children and future generations.

Om Namo Amithaba Buddha.

( note : This is my personal opinion and observation of a small part of history. Although I empathized with the Jews who suffered the most under Hitler's terror campaign, but no insensitivity is intended by this posting to other group of people. And, hopefully, today is not a day of any religious significant that may rendered this posting to be deemed as offensive and insensitive to any religion. My sincere apology if this posting offended your emotional preferences or racial biases. )

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