Monday, April 09, 2007

A mother's love......

I came home this evening, told my wife and son that I already had my dinner but I will accompany them to have their dinner outside. My son suggested a restaurant, and my wife reluctantly agreed. She told me that she is not hungry but will go along with me and my son, but she will accompany me to have a drink while my son can have his favorite western meals.

I ordered coffee, my wife ordered black tea, and my son ordered his. It was a quick dinner outing, probably last less than 45 minutes. After the dinner, we adjourned to do some quick sundries shopping to replenish some home necessities.

After we reached home, my wife proceeded into the kitchen to make some sandwiches of cheese and ham, and took some quick bites. I was a bit curious and annoyed, and asked her "Are you hungry ? why didn't you ordered the meals while our son is having the dinner ?"

Guess what was her reply ? She said "the food there was expensive, and I don't want to spend money unnecessary." I was really caught off guard by her reply and momentarily lost for words. Here I am facing a woman who loves her son. She is willing to sacrifice her material comforts to ensure her son has a comfortable life. To her, it may be a simple gesture. But, looking back, she has been doing this sort of related small acts to the extend of it becoming a spontaneous and effortless habitual sacrifices. I guess it is really not that difficult to assume that, a mother will always want to give the best to her children.

Well, I do felt guilty for not making enough incomes to allow my wife and children to have greater comforts and luxuries of life.

Women, especially the Asian women, they do have an effective way of telling male chauvinistic pig like me that, I am not working hard enough to deliver material comforts to the family.

Forget about the NEP ! Tomorrow I will work harder..... I will, I will...... Life indeed is dukka ! Good NiteZZZZZzzzzzzzzz....

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