Sunday, April 15, 2007

My endless war....

My Endless War
( sing to the tune of My Endless Love )
Music & Lyrics by : Condom Liza Rise

Sung by : Georgie Bushy duet with Camel Al Malaikai

My wars,
There are always wars in my mind
These are the only thing that I like

My first war,
You're every bomb I detonate
You're every tomb I make

And I (I...... I...... I....... I...)
I want to share.....
All my weapons with you
No one else will do...

And your land
Your land, your land
They tell me how much you need more wars
Ooh yes, your land will always be
the place for my righteous war

Two crooks,
Two crooks that talk and walk as one
Our wars have just begun.......

Forever.... (ohhhhhh)
I'll hold you close with my arms
I can't resist your bum.......

And war Oh, war... I'll fight the war with you,
I'm sure You know I don't mind
Oh, you know I don't mind

'Cause you,
you need my weapons for the war
Oh, I know....... I know......
I've found in you
My soul mate for endless wars

Oooh-woow Boom, boom
Boom, boom, boom, boom, booom
Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom

Oooh and War ,
I'll be that fool For you,
I'm sure. You know I don't mind
Oh you know I don't mind.

And, yes
You'll need more troops from me
'cause no one can deny
This war we had mastermind
And we'll give it all to your people
My war,
My endless war..............

( Note : Sincerely, no insensitivity is intended by this posting to any group of people. And, hopefully, today is not a day of any religious significant that may rendered this posting to be religiously offensive and insensitive. If you felt offended by this posting, please take your nasi lemak's apology and grievance seeking elsewhere !!! )

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