Friday, April 13, 2007

Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance

This year's Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance falls on on Sunday, 15 April 2007. The ceremony will be held at Warsaw Ghetto Square, Yad Vashem, Har Hazikaron, Jerusalem. The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day, also known as Yom Hashoah in Hebrew, is a national day in Israel to remember the six million Jews, including 1.5 million children, murdered in the Holocaust during World War Two.

Lest we forgot, the Holocaust was the most painful tragedy of mankind's modern history where millions of innocent people and children were murdered due to misguided hatreds and racial pariahisms. Survivors and descendants of the holocaust survivors continued to silently screamed in pain inflicted by the past emotional and psychological scars. I guess I am not wrong too assume that, generations and generations of Jews will continue to hate the Germans for their past misdeeds. It is my sincere hope and prayer that the present generation of Jews can have the grace and magnanimity to let go of the burden of hatreds, let not the hatreds be passed to the next generation to let the emotional wounds bleed forever. Let not the children be taught to hate the children of your enemies, for they are all innocent souls with potential for greater generosity, passion, and love.

Remember we must, otherwise, mankind will never learn from this painful and shameful history. We must not deny the existence of the holocaust due to our political, religion, and racial biases and preferences. We must not forget the sufferings of all those innocent souls who was tortured and murdered by all those misguided racists with misplaced hatreds. Let us all be reminded of these sufferings and let not history repeat itself. Let us all have the moral courage to not keep silent or collaborate with misguided opportunists to cause misdeeds and ill treatments on other group of fellow human beings. Let us all stand firm to have the sanity and morality to reject all forms of human rights violations, inequality, and racially motivated political propaganda.

It is my sincere prayer that, the present Israel learned from this terrible holocaust, please do not do unto others what others do unto you, and practice great restraints to not allow herself to be provoked into using her superior military advantage to cause sufferings to her neighbours in the name of self defense. It is also my sincere prayer that Israel's neighbours respect Israel's rights to exist, and not allowed herselves to be influenced by religious intolerance and racial pariahs into senseless and unprovoked violences with Israel.

While the Jews are conducting traditional rites of public bereavement on this day of sorrows, let us all share their pains and pledge not to be influenced or manipulated by insanity to germinate another seed of future genocide against Israel or other group of people. Never ! Never ! Never ! Would wars and violences conducted in the name of GOD bring peace ? God ( be it mine or yours ) want all of us to live in peace and celebrate the sacredness of life, but not glorifying deaths or sufferings ! Please put aside religion's biases and misplaced hatreds. Be shameful of our past misdeeds, learn the lesson, talk the language of love, tolerance, mutual respects, and have the courage to embrace PEACE. Religions and racial harmony should be used to promote peace and betterment of life. Please stop all these despicable acts of using the good names of religions and racial ignorances to promote further misdeeds and hatreds. Do you derived satisfactions seeing the sufferings of innocent people and children ?

May the souls of those who perished during the holocaust rest in peace. May God lessen the pains and memories of the survivors and their descendants. Om mani padme hum... Om Namo Amithaba Buddha.

( Note : Sincerely, no insensitivity is intended by this posting to any "religiously" inclined people or religions. And, hopefully, today is not a day of any religious significant that may rendered this posting to be religiously offensive and insensitive. If you felt offended by this posting, please take your nasi lemak's apology and grievance seeking elsewhere !!! )

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