Friday, April 06, 2007

Sense and sensitivity....

A reader of this blog send me a private email wanting me to publish a photograph of myself. Well, request granted. See the attached photo which was taken during the year of the Pig (2007). And, he also want to know "what I like and dislike".

Well, one thing for sure, I am a news junkies ! I read a lot of news daily from many sources. So, I guess I am a very balance person in terms of understanding the issues at hand. I am not an ignorant and easily influenced fool like what you think.

I like to criticize but also like to look at things at a humorous and sarcastic perspectives. What I dislike ? Definitely, I do not LIKE others to criticize me ! I would like to live an arrogant life, because, this is an insane world anyway. Aren't all of us are like that ? But if you still insist on criticizing me, that is also alright with me. Because, I do sincerely believed, as much as I insist on my right to criticize others, you must also be accorded the same rights to not only criticize me, but also other things that you are in disagreement with.

Oh yah, another thing that I DISLIKE, I do not like to take side. I love to sit on the fence and stay out of other people's conflicts, after all, it is none of my business to get involved in other people's affairs. A bit deviation into middle east politics..... As much as I empathized with the sufferings of the Palestinians, I also sympathized with the plights of the Israelis. As much as I feel the pains of the Iraqis, I also understand the frustrations of the Americans and British's forces in helping the Iraqi government to maintain law and order. Please do not feel offended if I refuse to allow myself to take side with you in matters that I believe we should all stay neutral. And, If ever I take side, please learn to respect my rights to make my stand even if my position is in conflict with your preferences.

On sensitivity ? Okay, my personal opinion and experiences dictate to me that only INSENSITIVE people always perceived themselves as being the aggrieved parties. So, why bother so much with issues of sensitivity ? Please go ahead and speak your minds without fear and favour. If you are right, you are right. If you are wrong, you are wrong. How complicated can life be ?

The bottom line is, I am what I am. And you are what you are. That's what makes this world interesting. If you think that I am a monkey. You are right ! No big deal. What's wrong with being a monkey ? Sometimes I do think I am a BIG MONKEY. Just like you ! In fact, I do occasionally think that I am the father of all monkeys. By the way, if you believe in Charles Darwin's theory, than I, as a monkey, could be your ancestor. I used to swing from tree to tree shouting incoherent words. But now I am a bit educated, I used my keyboard to conduct shouting in coherent words. So, I know it is difficult, but please learn and try to show a little respect to this monkey......

But despite being a monkey, I want all of you to know, I am also a very noble monkey. While peeling banana skin and sucking on my banana, I love to read poems and read subjects on humanity. And, as a God fearing monkey, I know monkey like me don't resort to violences and killing each others for the sake of imposing my values on other monkeys. If monkey like me can appreciate humanity, justice, fairness, equality, and respect human rights, can't you also do the same to others ?

And, who are we again ?

( Note : Sincerely, no insensitivity is intended by this posting to any "religiously" inclined people or religions. And, hopefully, today is not a day of any religious significant that may rendered this posting to be religiously offensive and insensitive. If you felt offended by this posting, please take your nasi lemak's apology and grievance seeking elsewhere !!! )

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