Thursday, April 12, 2007

Life 101

It is raining very heavily outside. Surprisingly, today is quite an out of ordinary day in office. Office is surprisingly quiet and lack of activities. Looking back, I had been on the 2nd phase of "on my own" for the past 14 years. I will talk about my first phase of life which last about 8 years maybe later. When I said "On my own", I meant venturing into and managing my own business.

I started my first business on a shoe string budget at a relatively young age. During the first and second year, I was the delivery boy, the technician, the finance manager, the designer, and everything else except myself. Indeed, I do work like a dog trying to keep the business afloat. The first five years saw me selling off my house, car, and in fact, everything that is of value to raise the much needed working capital to pay suppliers and office expenses. Honestly speaking, it was tough during those early years to maintain the business and keep it going. Due to lack of financial support, most of the times, I hardly have any money in my pocket. Every single dollar I collected is channeled into the business. Needless to say, I did have a lot of sleepless nights and most of the time, I survive on plain bread and Chinese tea. Looking back, it was indeed a miracle that I managed to pull through those difficult years. God is indeed graceful and generous to me.

I also count myself very lucky to have a very understanding and supportive soul mate that stand by me through the thicks and thins. And, to give credit to myself as a consolation, I must admit, I am a very hard working and disciplined fighter. In those years, I kept telling myself I have nothing to lose except my pride. I will just work the extra hours and refused to let go of any little opportunity that came along. I refused to submit myself to the possibility of failures. I refused to admit to my relatives and friends that I need help, and every time I saw them, I put up a very convincing smile that I am doing well. In a way, I am a great pretender, and, pride is what kept me going.

Looking back, 15 good youthful years had passed me by. Honestly, I have no regret to walk through that path. It did enriched my life's experiences and made me a better man. Thinking about those years did made me shed a few droplets of tears. But don't get me wrong, I am not an emotional sissy. Those are not tears of sorrow or sadness, but tears of achievements. Today, in a way, I have accomplished my little success. I am basically a better man today, better prepared to savour every moment of today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow, and........

Life, how complicated can life be ?

Signing off now to go for my regular dosage of coffeeeeeeeeeeeeee................

( Note : Sincerely, no insensitivity is intended by this posting to any "religiously" inclined people or religions. And, hopefully, today is not a day of any religious significant that may rendered this posting to be religiously offensive and insensitive. If you felt offended by this posting, please take your nasi lemak's apology seeking elsewhere !!! )

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