Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Whirlpool of life

I stand there
watching the beautiful butterfly
struggling to lift its wings.
I watched its death.
A tear of sadness to bid a quiet goodbye.
A beautiful butterfly forever gone.....

how much more earth time I still have,
before you call it a day for me ?
Before you set my spirit free ?

This life,
You gave me Joys and sorrows,
laughters and tears,
hopes and desperations,
strengths and weaknesses,
insights and confusions,
successes and failures.
You have guided me
thru' life's flip-flops.

What else you have not gave me ?
With all these experience of senses,
Am I now qualified for a life of no regret ?
And, a journey to eternity ?

You promised me
a simple life scripted in simple plot.
This heart you called temple,
are gifted by you with
illusions, hallucinations, and visions
of things to come.
Is this the wonderful plan
you promised me ?

Behind this veil of ignorance,
I know, you are the one
that causes to be.
I believe,
I trust,
I have faith in you.

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