Sunday, April 22, 2007

Humanity Terrorized

A week has past, my visuals are still being bombarded with images of Cho Seong-Hui's carnages. As a matter of fact, I still felt the pain in my heart to see images of the victims families and friends grieving for the untimely death of their loved ones. The 4/16 incident at Virginia Tech also brought back sad memories of all those killed and injured by past senseless acts of terrors. I hate violences !

In September 11, 2001, 19 terrorists hijacked four passenger jets in USA. 2 passenger jets were deliberately crashed into the World Trade Centre, the 3rd passenger jets was crashed into the Pentagon Building, and the fourth passenger jet fell short of the terrorists' target and crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. Approximately 3000 innocent civilians were massacred by the terrorists. 9/11 was the world's most senseless criminal act on humanity.

Without doubt, the scale of 9/11 event was a shocking event to many people. What shocked me even most was, there are actually news reporting from various part of the world on groups of people celebrating and cheering on the streets to support this insane act of mass violence. Don't these people has any basic human kindness to acknowledge the sufferings of innocent people ? I was also equally shocked to see a group of mostly foreign workers of certain religion clapped their hands and shouted in joyous moods to celebrate as they watched the TV replaying the passengers jets slamming into the World Trade Centre. Does the violent deaths of innocent people satiate their perpetual grievances seeking ? Aren't these people encouraging more acts of terrorism ?

Walking among us, we do have people misguided by their ignorances to have deeply rooted misplaced hatreds and angers against others and among themselves. Yes, walking among us, we do have shameless souls thinking that the whole world owed them a living. When they can't adapt or don't get what they want, they vent their angers and threaten others in murderous and violent manner ! I used to despise American's political arrogances and interferences against weaker countries. But the 9/11 has made me read deeper into information from various sources. Since then, it changed my misconceptions about the Americans. Perhaps, the Americans have been right all this while. It also made me realized Israel's plights in her near impossible quest for peaceful cohabitation with her neighbours. In the past, I used to have passionate sympathies for the Palestinians, but 9/11 has changed that perception.

The 9/11 event and the subsequent many incidents of terror attacks in various parts of the world, exposed the existence of significant groups of people influenced by racial biases, religious intolerances, and misplaced hatreds for perceived injustices. These people has enslaved and burdened themselves in the vicious loops of blind faiths in misguided teaching to support and inflict casualties, deaths, and hardships to others and themselves. I pray to God to bless these people with the wisdom to embrace humanity with fair eyes, kind deeds, and reasonable hearts.

In April 16, 2007, a copycat suicide murderer, Cho Seung-Hui, killed 33 innocent people including himself in a premeditated carnage in Virginia Tech. Cho may have his hatreds, grievances, or lunatic inclinations against the American's lifestyles which he has troubles adapting. But, there is no excuse for him to violently terminating and damaging the life of others. Cho's premeditated murdering of 32 people is another form of modern terrorism against innocent people. I do not believe Cho was a mad man. He is a mean terrorist influenced and driven by blind faiths in misguided thoughts and grievance seeking adventure to cause damages and harms to other peace loving people.! His heartless and violent acts has put his family and community into great shame and emotional distress.

A deluded terrorist has brought tears to the world, and untold miseries and sufferings to the families of the victims.

In contrast to 9/11, Koreans all over the world condemned Cho's act of terror. I believed, most Koreans controlled their angers of being brought to shame by Cho, they are ashamed and in apologetic moods even though they are not to be blamed or responsible for the cruel act executed by this lone terrorist with misplace angers and hatreds. Koreans also flocks to places of worship to pray for the souls of the victims. In a way, Koreans had demonstrated to the world the greatness of their civilized and peaceful culture. The Americans, on the other hand, has demonstrate great courage and grace of not falling into the intended trap of the terrorist to enggage in mindless and senseless retaliation agianst the small Korean community. Perhaps there is still hope in humanity........

I pray to God to bless and lift the souls of the victims. May they find peace, love, and eternity in the garden of God.

Om Mani Padmi Hum....

( Note : Sincerely, this is my personal rantings in my personal space, no insensitivity is intended by this posting to any group of people. If you felt offended by this posting, please take your nasi lemak's apology and grievance seeking elsewhere !!! )

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