Friday, November 03, 2006

Boxing with shadows ?

Shadow, oh shadow.....
Why lurking around ?
Come on, get up, and stand up.
Face me like a human being.

But, you are only a shadow.
You will always be where you are.
Your rightful place is always on the ground,
beneath my feet, along the path I walked.

There are times,
hindrances tagged along my life.
Depending on where the source of instigation,
they tagged behind,
squeezing from the sides,
or leaded from the front.

Hindrances are the occasional irritants of life.
But, these hindrances are merely shadows.
They are real and maybe menacing,
but at the end of the day,
they can't rise above me,
to challenge my determinations.

You may caused me temporary setbacks,
But I shall overcome.
I may fall, but I shall rise again,
with even greater determination.
You will never be able
to taint my dreams,
or poisoned my paths.
The wallet in my heart will always be generous,
But the shadow will always be underneath my feet.

Shadow, oh shadow,
don't ever be mislead !
If you come from behind,
I doubt you can rise to stab me from behind.
If you challenge me from the front,
I shall step on you to carry on forward.
I have greater purpose,
than to engage you lying on the ground.

In life, there are always
inconsiderate people behaving like shadows,
lurking around in emotional darkness with ill intent,
waiting for my enlightened presence,
to cause me mischiefs.
But that is life, and I will let it be.
I can never be a man of no shadow.

With or without shadows,
the clock ticks, and I must carry on.......
I will try, I will try,
to let go, and to move on with life,
and to enjoy
a cup of hot black aromatic coffee.
Om Namo Amithaba Buddha.

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