Monday, November 13, 2006

Waltzing Circle of my mind ?

A circle has no beginning and ending ?
When did it began, and
when was it ended ?
It went round and round ?
Why not draw the circle yourself ?
You decide the beginning,
and dictate the end.

Does life goes round and round ?
The circle of life begins with Birth,
it always ends with Death..
Joining Birth and Death is the Path.
Between Birth and Death,
we are only entitled to traverse the path once.

This life,
in this plane and this dimension,
Take control of yourself,.
chart your course,
decide the impression of your foot prints.
Enriched your path
with sights, smells, and purpose.
Touched the life of others
with generosity and humilities.
Healed hatreds and revenges
with love, hope, and honesty.
Learned and shared your knowledge
to make this world a better world.
By the time you complete the path,
life's journey
is a straight forward path to rebirth.
The end is the beginning of new hope,
of life to be revisited in a new environment.

We fear death.
Let not fear
leads you to aimless circle of death.
Live your life, and walk your destined path.
Fear not the circle of fear,
but waltz around in rhymes.
Live not a life of death,
but a life of enlightenments,
a celebration of new beginning.

A beautiful butterfly,
Squeezes out from a cocoon,
Spreads its wings,
breathes life,
in the beautiful garden of God.

And, the journey goes on...........

Namo Amithaba Buddha.

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