Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A piss of my mind....

I came across this small online news article in Pravda. It sounds scary to me. The article mentioned about the threats of a terrorist group planning terror attacks in America and Europe during Christmas Eve. The news articles claimed that intelligence information obtained indicated the Terrorists are planning to bomb 30 trains and planes across Europe during the festive period. And, more than 12000 seasoned gunmen has been trained to penetrate America to attack the White House.

My religion and moral sense demand me to respect the sacredness of the Christmas festivities and other religions' festivals. To carry out mass violences and murders during Christmas Eve ? That speak so much of the values of the terrorists' religion and their religious commitments. I am nauseated with all the faked religiosity's, contaminated belief, and satanisms surrounding us. Piss till thy kingdom come, there shall be no peace but Piss ?

When America and Britain talked about the dangers of terrorism, I used to disbelieve them. My initial perception of America is simply this, they are a bunch of war mongering people go around the world to conquering weaker nations to established their influences. That was my impressions from reading news articles in the local media. I know now I have wrong perception of western countries. Sad to admit, I was misguided. Mr Bush and Mr Blair, I am sorry for the wrong perception of your countries. Your nations are truly land of the free. Your uniform young men and women are true freedom fighters and international peace keeper. May God bless your nations with good health, happiness and prosperity.

I have since became more open minded and more critical of the sources of news I read. I have now learned to read news from various international sources to eliminate intentional biases and falsehoods. Some news sources are so biased that you practically have to take it with a few kg of salts to salinate the poisoness lies. But needless to say, I can now understand why the western countries such as America and Britain have to resort to invade countries suspected of breeding terrorisms. I am also beginning to understand why America and the rest of civilized nations supported Israel in her on going wars against Palestinians and Lebanon.

I am not a supporter of western cultures or a believer of Christian God. I believe in my religion and I appreciate my own culture. But coming to terms with the reality of intolerance groups attempting to transgress and dominate incompatible cultures, America and the rest of the civilize nations have the rights to do what they are doing now. They are merely taking pre-emptive actions and measures to protect the security and well beings of their nations and people. I used to sympathize with the so called "oppressed" people and the "oppressed" countries. But, with great sadness, I have to come to realizations that the "oppressed" are actually the oppressors. These so called "oppressed" people are the culprits for instigating hatreds, violences, and miseries against other peaceful and tolerance citizens of the world.

I am now awared, irregardless of religions, there are always people who choose a life of hatreds, live in hatreds, speak with hatred, eat with hatreds, sleep with hatreds, dream with hatreds, and eventually died in hatreds. When they breathe their last breaths, they passed the burden of their hatreds to their younger generations, the wounds deepened, and the vicious cycle of violences repeat it selves.

Now tell me, in your right mind, which religion glorifies death over life ? Which religion gives blessing to its followers to conduct violences and murders of innocent people ? Which religion preaches intolerances of other people ways of life ? Which religion encourages its followers to conduct transgressions ? Honestly speaking, I can think of NONE. My religion taught me all religions are beautiful, honourable, and peaceful. But, if along the way, some barbarians come along to claim that they did these despicable acts in the name of their religion, and it is the rightful things to do, then, I can safely assumed that the good name of religion has been abused. Perhaps, only PISSFUL people with PISSFUL mentality are capable of doing PISSFUL acts with the backing and instigations of equally PISSFUL mental retards.

The bloods of innocent victims are already on the hands of hateful and blood thirsty criminals. In the name of your religion, how many more lives must be lost, before you repent and seek the true path of humanity ? Almighty, I am sicked and tired of faked religious people, everyday demonstrating their religiosity's by shouting insincere prayers to their GOD. Please rid them of their evilness and hypocrisies.

May the jewels of the lotus sprinkle the light of sanity and kindness to help them seek the right path of humanity. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Namo Amithaba Buddha.

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