Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Coffee prayer

Almighty Coffee,
thy aroma drives me crazy.
Where art thou shall lead me ?
The road ahead is, but insanity.
With addicted stupidity,
how can I tell me where it will be ?

Caffeine, oh caffeine,
how can I understand thee ?
What is, is not what seem to be.
Let the world hurried by,
let the world stand still.
I am,
elusively what I seemed not to be.
The desires to be intoxicated by thee,
does in fact pleases my senses,
of not to be, and yet seemingly be.

I know,
I may not have knowledge of the road ahead.
Carpe diem !
With a sip of your greatness,
you deliver the sereneness to my senses,
to be at peace with myself for the time being,
to soothe my fears and troubles alone.
Tomorrow shall come, but let it be.

From here, with a cup of thee,
Tell me, is there eternity ?
Answer me not,
for the answer lies within me.
With my bended knee,
I am, but Saint Coffee !


Soul_Voice said... fast forget one who gave you the title of Saint Kopi ah?...LOL

Dalai Baru said...


I am the enlightened one !!!!!
Namo Amithaba Jesus.

Soul_Voice said...

That's why this name suit you betters lor....kopi-sien-ping.