Thursday, November 30, 2006

Coffee intoxicated thoughts

About Life practicality
It would be nice if Life can be as simple as Microsoft's culture. For example, when you hit into problem, you can always start all over again by Clicking the three magic keys of CTRL, ALT, and DEL. To end everything, you need to go back to START. To get a job initiated, you need to RUN.

About Sexy Underwear
Why women bother spending a fortune to buy sexy lingerie to sexually arouse the men ? When a man is on heat, it doesn't matter what the woman wear. You can even drill a hole on the flagpole and wrap a skirt around it, and the man go for it if he is intoxicated enough.

About Sexual techniques
Most experts on sexuality emphasized the importance of FOREPLAY. But in life, those who can't do, TEACH. And those who can't teach, DO! .The CAN DO always paid a fortune to listen to the CAN'T DO ! About foreplay ? Does it really matter ? Real man prefer only the play and straight forward action. Only impotence politician engage in foreplay. Why glorifying "foreness" when you can't get the job done ?

About Oral Sex
Does men love oral sex ? Hello, are you a man ? What can be more sextisfying than oral sex ?. Men loved oral sex ! That's the truth, not myth. When a man did it on woman, it is called Cunnilingus. When a woman did it on man, it is called Fellatio. But for the not so educated man like me, just keep it simple. Just call it a Blow job.

About erotic fantasy and Buddhism
The Pope once described Buddhism as a religion of erotic fantasy. As a Buddhist, I would like to thank the Pope for jump starting my enlightenment. Just imagine, you are in deep trance of meditation, you begin to see things you shouldn't see and sensations of excitements that radiate to every muscles and sensory cells of your body. At the end of the session, what do you get ? I don't know about you. But the Pope do describe my state of being precisely in those two magic words. Mr Pope, you have problem with erotic fantasy ? I don't have. Why don't you mind your own business and stop derogatorized my perfectly healthy adventurism of mind and body ?

About Politicians
In Malaysia, it has been a trend for political parties to gain acceptance by parading the accountability concept of limiting a politician's office to Two Terms. Are they serious ? I support the initiative, and hopefully they implement it - seriously limiting it to Two Terms, first term in Office, second term in Jail.

About Human Intelligent
President Bush said "It is about time the human race enter the Solar system", I guess all this while we are on the other side of the milky way. And, he also said "Majority of our import came from outside the country". Come to think of it, he is just like me. Talking non sensible things all the time.

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