Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Taoist temple in Penang demolished

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - A bid by Malaysian officials to raze an ethnic Chinese temple turned ugly on Friday with police firing warning shots to quell protests, a witness said, just a day after the premier sought curbs on religious disputes. About 40 people scuffled with about 80 police and municipal officials at the Taoist temple on the northern island of Penang, soon after the structure was cordoned off for demolition, the parliamentary deputy for the area said. { The Ethnic Chinese and Ethnic Indians are Malaysian. Because they are the minority does not mean they have less rights then the descendants of immigrants from other countries. It is sickening to listening to these hypocrites cried injustices around the world fighting for freedom of religion, inequalities, and human rights. Look at what they did in their own backyard. These idiots made me puke..... Maybe the demolished temple is not a Religion of Peace, Love, respect, and tolerance. There is this ancient saying, people who destroy places of worship shall live in living hell and their descendant for 100 generations shall forever live in poverty and miseries. I pitied their descendants. }

Municipal authorities say it was built without planning approval.
{ The municipal authorities should provide a list of temples, mosques, churches, and other places of worships which are built with planning approvals from the municipal authorities. Is it so difficult to respect the religious sensitivity of the non Muslim ? I am quite interested to find out how many planning approvals have been given by the authorities for building places of worship of other religions ? }

"They didn't allow anyone to go in and pick up the statues and deities of the gods and that made people angry," Chong Eng, a lawmaker and member of the opposition Democratic Action Party, told Reuters. "People forced the gate to enter the temple," she added. Police fired two warning shots to break up the scuffle and arrested six people, she added. The incident follows several recent reports of demolitions of Hindu temples that have stirred outcry from Malaysia's ethnic Indian community, feeding minority communities' fears that their rights are at risk among a largely Muslim population. { So, who is the oppressor and who is the oppressed ? Forked tongues sub species are all over the world. And the sad part is, they slithed among us ! The first man, Adam, should have eaten the snake instead of eating the apple. }

Political leaders of the ethnic Malay majority have warned the nation's Chinese and Indian minorities to stop questioning Malay privileges or risk hurting race relations, a touchy issue in a country that has suffered race riots in the past. { Name me the instances where the Chinese and Indian questioned the rights of the Muslim Malay. For that matter, they can do whatever they want with their rights. My observation is, it is the desperate racist politicians making racial and religious statements to out do each other, within their race based political party, to gain political survivals. These desperate racist politicians must be restraint from repeatedly making hatred inciting statement to keep intruding into the rights of Chinese and Indian minority ? Honestly, who started the Race riot ? Definitely not me, my father, or my grandfather. The Race Riot was started by a bunch of sickening desperate racists who incite racial hatreds to gain political power. These mental retards are now all dead and still burning in HELL. Don't believe me ? Go ask your God. }

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said polemics on race and religion in Malaysia had reached a worrying level, saying guidelines for debate needed to be laid down. { Agreed. It is at a worrying level. Who started it ? Asked those mentally retarded pariahs to stop inciting racial hatreds with their ill intent political statements. Apply the guidelines on yourselves first. }

"It's time to remind people to lay down the ground rules," { Reminding the people ? Aren't you barking at the wrong tree ? Please remind yourself, the people surrounding you, and all those mentally retarded pariahs to stop using race and religion as issues to gain racial popularity to sustain their position within their race based political parties. }

Abdullah, an Islamic scholar who portrays Malaysia as a moderate Muslim nation said on Thursday. { I guess it is always counted as an act moderateness to demolish temples and places of worships other religions. Siapa Cakap ? }

{ I am a Taoist. Am I challenging or questioning your rights by expressing my anger for the illogical demolitions of Taoist temple by the municipal authorities ? Am I being insensitive to your religion sensitivity because I voiced my anger against the destruction of a Taoist temple ? }

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