Saturday, November 04, 2006

Humanity 69

From a little corner of this slightly crooked banana look alike country, I have been consistently reminded to look back into history to condemn our colonial master, the British, for their despicable "Divide and Rule" strategy to keep Malaysia disunited. But, many years after we achieved independence, we formulate a Neutered Economic Policy that make it politically correct to implement policies along racial lines. So, the master did it, and the slaves tried to be the new master without any shame. Sound like Animal Farm to me anyway. Ketuanan this and ketuanan that.... yap, the farting noises are not only noisy, but smelly.

Absolute power breeds absolute ignorance. Absolute ignorance breeds absolute arrogance. Absolute arrogance breeds a culture of political decadences. The corrupted continued to live with filthy lifestyle. The corrupted will continue to defined themselves as poor in order to continue to receive unfair advantages and incentives to continue their parasitic lavish lifestyles at the expense of the poor. They can break the law, but time and political machineries are on their side to have any indication of fear. Remember the recent "Chiak Kar Liow" fiasco in the port town of Klang ? It is, but only the tip of the iceberg, of our decadence culture of arrogantly robbing the poor, blatantly trying to live a sinful life of above the law. But when confronted, shed crocodile tears to gain sympathy from the ignorant and less educated mass. With manipulative words and emotional rhetorics, and In the name of "race, religion, and country", they portrayed themselves as saviors for the poor and the illiterate, they became a community hero again. Malaysians somehow can be absurdly stupid and easily be manipulated emotionally. We are not learned and we will never be learned.

Racial politic is about manipulation of mass emotions and evasiveness of honesty. No wonder I was told, politics is the second oldest profession of human civilization. It did have a lot of resemblaces to the first oldest profession.

I guess it is nice to have filthy money dropped to you without any efforts. You have so much of it to the extend that you begin to think that you are infallible and it is your entitlements, you want to be above the law, you demand and you get it, and you start building your castle to showcase your power and connections. It feel nice isn't it to be acknowledged as Tuan whenever you go, before long, you think everybody owed you a living, you begin to think that you are entitled to everything that surround you. You became the rent seeking king of your community. The fetishes for immoral and sinful livings knows no limits. By the way, did God said it is Halal ? Praying everyday helps you to remove the sins of immoral livings ?

My honest feeling is, I believed, I have sold my soul for empty political promises. I have been hoodwinked. I love my country, but faked patriots love to deny my rights to gain popularity. Now, they are trying to use emotions to manipulate my sympathies. But dear assholes, do you know, asshole is a human anatomy for shitting, I guess, in the eyes of God, assholes are nothing but shitters. Along the way, there are also a lot of shits carriers. These shitters and their carriers should be treated as dirts. I can't really imagine how an asshole can have the basic intelligence to respect human rights. All I felt is, my rights has been consistently reinterpreted at the wimp and fancy of mental retards. Sooner or later, my rights will be reinterpreted out of existence.

Yes, I may be wrong in my observation. Do I need to apologize for my sincere feelings ?

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