Thursday, November 23, 2006

Prayer of a misguided soul

O' God, the greatest & mightiest !

Why there are so many faiths & religions ?
Don't these silly unbelievers know,
that YOU are the only true God ?
And, my religion is the only true path to YOU ?
Why are these unbelievers refused to follow my path ?
Why the words written in your book are not adhered to ?
Don't they know judgement day is near ?

In your name and by your will,
Instill the braveness in me.
For I shall carried out your words.
The world shall trembled with fear
by the mere mentioned of your name.
I pray to YOU to grant me the rights
to sit by your side on judgement day,
to see the rest of the world burnt in hell.

In your name and by your will,
the world must be cleansed.
The unbelievers' life are worthless.
Their throats should be slitted,
or bullets be pumped into their sinful heads.

In your name and by your will.
I shall create psychological battlefields
into the minds of the unbelievers.
Let these unbelievers' minds be instilled with fears.
I shall shocked them,
with violences, mass murders, and suicide bombings.

In your name and by your will.
While the world dried their tears of desperations,
I shall died a martyrs in bloodied death,
and reap my beautiful rewards as promised by YOU.

O' God, please deliver your promise.
For I have eerie dreams yesterday,
that all my comrades who died in martyrdom
are indeed doomed and are now burning in HELL,
begging the other GOD for mercy and forgiveness.
Please don't make me lose faith in YOU !
Manifest yourself now ! Tell me YOU are real.

O' God, are you listening ?
Am I talking to myself ?
Aren't my bravery and righteousness impressed you ?
In your name and by your will. Tonight,
I shall visit the best prostitute and drink the best wine.
For tomorrow, the world shall know my name.
By your will, my work shall be done.

I am, but on the wrong side of humanity ?

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