Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Controlled not ?

What is mine,
was it really mine ?
What I possessed,
do I really owned ?

I know,
the flowers
in my garden,
is beautiful.
But it decides its own lifespan.
Can I dictate it to blossom forever ?

That building,
I proudly claimed my own.
But if I missed the dues to the bank,
Can I decide the fate of ownership ?

I insured my life.
But, in death,
would I be able to enjoy
the security it promised ?

My family,
I do loved, and I do cherished.
I am blessed with
feelings of comforts and warms,
and a secured sense of belongings.
But would it last forever ?
Death do us part,
death do us part.

What I once possessed,
I controlled not.
Would I be able to regret not
for those that I now possessed not ?

I live at the mercy of God,
on borrowed time,
in a place
where I do not belong.
I controlled not
my space and my time.

In life,
I tried, and I tried.
If I failed, If I succeed,
would it really matter ?
We can changed the course,
but can we change
the final outcome ?
All of us always end up dead.
Isn't it ?

This life, this life....
The emotional attachments,
and the materials desires,
I would like to let go.
But Can I ?
Is my purpose
in this life to plant karma,
to be harvested as vipaka of next life ?

This life.
I am,
but a soul in a degenerative body,
in a journey of transit to nowhere.
God knows where I belong.
There is no glory in death,
but hardships in life.
I controlled not.

When we finally do rest,
do we need peace ?

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