Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A patriot's song ?

The song of a misguided patriot
(aka From America with Love)

I shall take my place in the rostrum.
Punching my fist in the air
with an obsolete knife in my hand,
I shouted to the gallery !
"The blood of dead warriors shall flow in our veins".
"We shall fight till our last drop of blood !"

In the name of race and religion,
I shall defend my racial and religious rights.
I shall be the champion and wannabe hero !
I love to see bloods on everybody hands.
"Tak kan bangsat lupus dalam dunia ini !"
(These world will never be rid of bastards ! )

History taught us a lesson.
Only barbarian resorts to intimidate others
with their crude weapons.
But who cares, these ignorance fools,
love to rise to my instigated emotional terrorisms.

There are so many misguided souls with misplaced angers,
out there waiting to be manipulated for my gains.
To sustain my popularity and position,
Do I really care, if I spread and incite hatreds against others ?

There are many ways,
to secure political power, popularity and position.
But for a pariah like me,
resorting to absurd rhetorics, falsehoods, and hatreds,
are my only mean and political assets.
Don't you agree ?
This is the political reality of life.

You can safely bet your last dollar.
If the country is challenged and undersieged.
I shall be the first one to flee with glee, and with my loots !
So, please don't question my rights to play to the gallery.
Faked patriotism, has been, and will always be
the name of the game.

Since when the rights of my people were robbed ?
What rights am I defending ?
The rights to intimidate others ?
The rights to deprive others ?
The rights to rob others ?
The rights to live like parasite ?
The rights to trangress and oppress others ?
The rights to perpetuate
an arrogance political culture of ignorance ?
These are my rights !

I am the modern day Robin Hood.
I robbed the hardworking people, and enriched the lazy people.
I denied the poor to enrich the corrupt and immoral.

Is it so difficult for you to give up
a little bit more of what you have,
to accommodate my rent seeking adventure ?
These are my rights, you know?

Is it so sinful for all races and religions,
to cohabitate equally, peacefully, and harmoniously
in this little blue marble ?

Oh Almighty, I kneel before you.
Every act of misdeeds and injustice,
I did it in your name.
How can I be wrong ?
With my insincere prayer,
I seek your blessings again,
to forever place me
in a position of power and popularity.
Because, there are still so many
ignorance fools out there, waiting for my baptism of hatreds !

Racun di tangan kiri ku,
racun di tangan kanan ku.
Yang ku tak tau,
yang mana kan ku bagi mu....

With a sip of coffee,
and a taste of its bitterness,
I shake my head, I shake my head....
Om Namo Amithaba Buddha.

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