Monday, November 27, 2006

What will it be ?

I watched in silence the live telecast of a political party's general assembly recently. For two days, I watched in silence, horror, agony, and sadness. The insensitive languages being used, the tones of arrogances, the uncultured gestures being waved, and the psychological fears being intentionally delivered to intimidate fears to other Malaysians, are ruthless and irresponsible. Can I blamed them, after all, it is a race based political party. The leaders and the delegates are all out there to prove their ethnicity to whore for support. All race based political parties in Malaysia have the tendencies to be racial champions without giving due regards to the sensitivity and fragile racial relationship in Malaysia. But coming from a political party which is the main component of the ruling government is irresponsible.

I presumed majority of Malaysians have had enough of all these insensitive racist remarks and demands. These political insensitivities are not acceptable acts of human decency. These are despicable acts of desperateness of politicians trying to cling on to power and position. Politic has always been a noble profession of human development and advancement, but sadly, there are always people out there to make it resembled the oldest profession of mankind.

Do we have to resort to that level of insensitivity to instigate misplaced hatred and angers against other segment of Malaysian society ? Have we become a shameless rent seeker ? By the way, I am already immuned to all these smelly fartings in the air. In the name of wealth sharing, I am already too lazy to work harder, I will have to learn to make just enough to cover my overheads. Why should I work so hard to pay more taxes ? I definitely do not wish to be in position where my hardwork being misleadingly translated into denying other people's opportunity to accumulate wealths.

Is Malaysia a united nation ? I have my doubt know. If I can gauge it correctly, after so many years of nationhood, we are still shamelessly invoking racial issues to gain political mileages. The air of sentiments displayed are not about protecting the rights and privileges of respective racial groups. But rather, to blame others for their incapabilities and failures. Would it make them look good to erode the rights of other Malaysians ? Would it make them feel better if other Malaysians failed ? When would we be able to rid ourselves of fingers pointing and the crab mentality ? Is it so difficult to conduct self analysis in an unemotional, scientific, and rational manner to rid ourselves of ignorances ?

There will always be knife waving politicians going around to arouse the emotionally charged narrowminded people to instigate hatreds and misplaced angers. We will always have wannabe politicians seeking publicities by making racially inappropriate speeches one after another to cause discomforts to Malaysians of other ethnicities. What would it be, if the youth chief of the MCA also waved KuanKong's Sword of Justice at its General Assembly ? I seriously do not know what MIC's youth chief would waved in their General Assembly if we keep persisting on irrational display of ethnicity.

We talked so much about mutual respect. We expect others to observe our sensitivity, and arrogantly, we are not capable to reciprocate the sensitivity other people accorded to us. Sad, isn't it. Cakap tak serupa bikin ! Our actions are always inconsistent with our words !

We have become arrogantly intolerance, and politically decadence. We are no longer capable of looking at issues and resolved them in the spirits of fair play and due respect for human rights. It always boiled down to our perceived special rights, privileges, and whatever that comes into our fancy. Exactly, what nonsense are we not capable of ?

We swore to protect with our blood and life, and romanticized race and religion's special rights and privileges. Big talks, and empty vessel makes the most noise. But honestly, what are the rights and privileges that have been denied or eroded ? Wouldn't it be better if the perceived and misplaced stupidity be discussed in a more civilized and factual manner ? Why are all these desperate politicians, which I believe constitute only a very small number, be allowed to go around inciting hatreds and unnecessary fears ? To sustain popularity and position by stirring racial emotions is despicable and lacked of moral upbringings. Only uncultured people resorted to desperate act of intimidations and fears mongering. Majority of Malaysians are extremely tolerance, and their silence does not mean they consented to narrowmindedness and extremities of bigotry and racial intolerances.

Majority of Malaysians loved and cherished peace and harmony. But do these small group of unconsciously ignorance and intolerance political desperados understand the meaning and values of peaceful cohabitation and harmony ? There are wealths all over the places to be created ! All we need to do is to work hard, and work as a team to acquired it and share it. By envying how much money other people have and demanding a share without making any efforts to work for it is not going to get you anywhere. Do you seriously think the wealths of other Malaysians fell from heaven ? Are your rights and privileges being denied simply because some other Malaysians choose to work hard and sacrificed their time, sweats, and blood to acquire wealths and comforts ?

We demand sensitivity to our way of life and culture, but how do we reciprocate sensitivity ? Why not spread words of goodwills, love, and tolerances for other races, cultures, and religions ? Why not look within ourselves to find out how we can work harder together to create and share wealths among Malaysians ? Why not accord respect for the achievements of other Malaysians ? The bottom line is, do we want to look at ourselves as Malaysians, or do we want others to accept us us as narrow minded racially motivated pariahs ?

The answer my friend, lies in our hearts. Tuhan already kurniakan rakyat hidup makmur dan bahagia. Please, be a Malaysian. Learn how to appreciate the contributions and sacrifices of other patriotic Malaysians. Focus all your energies and efforts to wealth creations for all Malaysians. Stop blaming other hardworking people for your own failures.

I am what I am. Do you know who you are ? I shake my head.... I shake my head.

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