Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My old clock.....

This old clock,
its pendulum swing
in perfect locomotion.
With soothing sound of tick tock,
seconds drifted away, and hours gone by.
You served my parents faithfully.
Half a century later,
you are still tickings away to serve me.
Thank you for being faithful to me.

My faithful old clock,
with your elegant simplicity,
you served us well with neutrality.
You witnessed the best of times,
and the worst of times.
Yet, you are still here
dutifully resonate soothing tick tock,
loyally reminding me the essence of time.
would I be asking too much ?
When the good Lord
called it a day for me,
will you also
serve my children faithfully ?
To remind him of the past,
to kindle his appreciation of the present,
and to look forward to the future ?

Life indeed passed us by.
With each tick and tock,
I am reminded of memories
of childhoods, and of my parents times.
With each tick and tock,
those cherished memories,
are also beginning to fade away.
Sign of growing old degeneratively ?
Memories, memories,
bitter, sweet, unforgettable, or whatever,
how long can I hold on to it ?

I know the time will come,
my star shall fall from the silky night sky,
my candle shall be blown out.
In my eternal rest,
I shall let go of those memories.
There shall be no nights
where sleep is hard to find.
There shall be no days
where sunshines are marred by tears and fears.
I shall walked my lonely path
to the eternal realms.

Old clock,
you measured time well.
But tell me, is time infinite ?
Funny, how time flies !
What is life all about ?

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