Monday, November 06, 2006

Tears in my heart......

I let you go not ?
Many years have passed,
you left me a glimpse of sorrow,
and a reminder of cruelty of fate.

I gave you no name,
nor a grave for remembrance.
I decided,
the winds shall carried away,
the ashes into the ocean.
The free spirits of ocean,
shall free your soul,
from this tormented world.

With tears in my heart,
and a heart of sorrow,
I cried to bid you goodbye.
Son, I am sorry.
You belong to heaven,
but heaven is not on earth.
I would hold your hand a bit longer,
If only I could,
if only I could.

I am not God,
to grant you the rights
to stay a bid longer in this world of mine.
If only you could,
if only you could.

You came back in shadow,
I see you.
I feel you.
But I can not hug you,
neither can I hold you in my arms.
You are not real,
but, a fragment of past memories.

Go, please go.
Go to where you belong.
I find no happiness,
in seeing you lost in this world,
where you does not belong.
Be brave, step forward.
over there, there is a place,
a serene and beautiful garden,
where angels belonged.

They said, life must go on.
It always will.
I have no more tears for you.
But rest assured,
forget you I will not.
You shall alway remained
in a special corner of my heart,
till the day I die.

Son, goodbye............

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